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Are vegans and animal rights activist annoying or do they have a point

  • Yes they are a pain in the ass!

    As are all the other holier than thou groups that think everyone should think and behave like them. . . . . Want to eat rabbit food great good for YOU! I'll eat the rabbit. . . . See we can live side by side you don't preach to me and I won't preach to you. . . . . We all have different views and takes on life.

  • Interesting phraseology there.

    I would be shocked if someone were to answer no to this question. You would have to deny that vegans/animal rights activists (henceforth hippies) are annoying AND that hippies have a point. Here, Hippies literally organize themselves around a point (correct or not, That has nothing to do with the question; the point exists). Furthermore, I personally find them annoying (as do many people), Though the jury is technically out (de gustibus. . . ) on that one.

  • Vegan virtue signaling

    Eat what you bloody like but don't hound me and my choices. Just shut up. The word vegan is a joke. All you have to do is mention that word and everyone goes ohhhhh noooo. Stop preaching and judging us. I am eating alot of vegan vegetarian food because of my diet requirements for health reasons. But I don't gop around telling everyone else what to do. I even suspect a militant vegan activist has put this up to get angry and have a fight and just use this platform to do more yelling and screaming. Please just go away and eat your selves or something. Is cannibalism vegan?

  • I believe that vegan animal rights activist are annoying.

    Personally I think that so called vegan animal rights activist like especially that vegan teacher and others like deep vegan and vgan booty are just doing it for the clout, Considering that the vegan teacher like to go after popular people like gordon ramsay and ben shapiro and likes spewing bs out of her mouth every day.

  • There is no ethical justification to murder sentient beings for taste pleasure

    Yes it is fashionable to poke fun at veganism. I did so too in my 15 years of eating corpses and secretions. Why? Because eating animals is the societal norm. Just like slavery was the societal norm 200 years ago. Just like women not having the right to vote was 100 years ago.

    The torture and murder of animals for taste pleasure and convenience require SERIOUS ethical justification. There is more than adequate nutrition in plant-based foods including protein, Calcium, Iron(nutrients people think is only present in dead bodies and secretions)

    Question: Can you name the trait that is true of animals, That if true of a human, Would justify murdering the human for a sandwich filling?

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mw2402 says2022-02-08T17:24:03.240
Why not both? Something can be true yet still annoying. Also, The way the question is phrased may be suboptimal

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