• Veterans are underpaid.

    I believe that the people who sacrifice and fight for our
    country are not paid nearly enough. They
    risk their lives and often come back home to find themselves underpaid or
    unemployed. Since they give their lives
    for our freedom, they should each be given a monthly stipend for the rest of
    their lives after they serve at least 5 years in the armed forces.

  • There should be no connection between veterans and salary

    I believe that the amount of money that anyone makes is not related to whether they are a veteran or not, but . One of my friends is a veteran of the Afghanistan war. He's had great jobs, one at Raytheon, and now working at GE. One of the guys I go to college with is a veteran, too. He's on the path towards a well paying job. Veterans are responsible for trying to move up the economic ladder, just like anyone else.

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