• Addiction leading to more addiction

    Kids who play video games when they are younger are introduced an addictive behavior which can effect them later in life. Them not being able to resist an addiction now can cause them to later become addicted to something else in life such as drugs, violence, or alcohol. That is why kids shouldn't be playing video games.

  • Yes, kids don't do anything productive.

    Yes, video games are a bad influence, because children do not spend any time doing anything else. Children do not spend time reading books. Children do not spend time making believe. They need to spend time in free play. Kids who play video games are influenced to be drones, instead of doing productive things that children need to do, like play.

  • Gaming helps gain no knowlege

    The reason why I think video games are bad influence to people is because video games are very addictive, due to the fact that every year, months or even weeks new games come out that are better and more challenging. In games they have lots of different levels, the higher you get the more challenging it gets and that makes game lovers to become more competitive so that they can achieve the highest level as they possibly can. People wanting to achieve the highest level means that they will be spending more time on playing the game and trying to reach the highest level and will give less care in whats around them and doing there homework. So there u have my point.

  • Take games away

    I think all video games are bad cause kids wont go play outside like we did and was active. Parents need to take video games away and make their kids go outside and they will see their kids do better in life. Believe me i know from my recent experience.

  • Worst Influence Ever

    If you see what kind of games we play like rated M games they are a horrible influence . If they keep on making the games they make then possibly there will be more crimes commitied. But if they make less ratedM games then there will possibly be less crimes commitied.

  • Got Addicted by Video Games

    Sometimes video games are addicted to play for everyone, but do you ever think your work when you playing video games? Obviously you don't remember anything you supposed to do or finish. The causes of playing video games to much is you get dizzy and your eyes is hurt. I think video games are bad for people who likes playing video games

  • They are a bad influence

    I can understand why the people who play the games would say its not, its kind of like saying that music is bad for you but its not. Anyway people get addicted and start having impulsive behavior . I guess its ok to play once and a while but don't let it take up all of your time.

  • They are the worst influence

    Children who play more violent video games are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and decreased pro social helping. Playing to much video games makes children socially isolated. Also, they may spend less time in other activities such as doing homework, reading, sports, and interacting with the family and friends. Games can confuse reality from fantasy. Video games may also have bad effects on some children’s health, including obesity. Kids spending too much time playing video games may exhibit impulsive behavior and have attention problems.

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  • Children should go outside instead of playing video games

    Today's society is filled with electronic devices which give a child access to the fictional world (social media platforms, Etc. ). These devices are used a lot and I believe that video games cause a child to drift deeper into the fictional world instead of living in the real world. They should rather go outside and spend time with friends.

  • Nope, they help

    It teaches to follow directions and increases hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, and accurate decision making. It also gives people the chance to meet others from all over the world. And gamers vs. Non gamers tests show gamers excel in several more regions than non gamers, and studies show that gamers brains are far more developed. You also learn teamwork, become more alert, and increases short term memory.

  • Ratings for a reason!

    People claim that video games are a bad influence. I say it is not if you follow the guidelines called ratings. If you play a violent game like call of duty or GTA V, then you'd be 17-18 and mature enough not to go out and kill some one just because of this video game

  • Lack of Evidence

    The voters for 'Yes' are clearly ignorant of the people playing games. "They don't read books... Go outside..." Whilst I agree that videogames can be played excessively and lead to 'not having a life' for want of a better phrase, I can attest to the fact that as an avid gamer, gaming does not affect my studies - on track for As and A*s at GCSE; it does not stop me going outside - I am also in Explorer Scouts, having been in the organisation for 9 years now; and finally it does not - most definitely - stop me reading. I have read LotR completely twice now, read the entire Tom Clancy 'Jack Ryan' series about four times over, and I read Pride and Prejudice last year - in 2 weeks.

    Seriously, the yes voters present and ignorant and biased anti-tech viewpoint that pollutes news almost as much as the 'controversy' over vaccines and autism.

  • Games are not the ones to blame.

    Videogames are simply entertainment, they can be an escape from reality or they can simply bee a fun challenge for the player. ESRB ratings are there to keep kids from a certain age away from certain kinds of games. The moment we start believing that games have a bad influence on people, is the moment we decide to ignore the cause in real life that might lead to a person taking crazy actions into hands.
    I grew up with video games, frankly I think I cannot remember a single time when I have not had a gaming console of any kind, I played Doom back when I was about 7 years old, I grew up with GTA, Resident Evil and later on, Saints row, Man Hunt and many more. These were obviously not games suitable for a child , however, that does not mean I had to take them seriously, and I didn't. Weak minds and lack of communication from parents are what cause influential problems, NOT videogames.

  • No they are entertainment

    Video games are not a bad influence. They are menat to be entertainment and enjoyable. Yes there are a few games that may be too violent and can in fact be bad influences but on a whole video games are fun and enjoying. The few ruin it for the whole.

  • Video Games Are Not a Bad Influence

    No, video games are not a bad influence. Like other forms of media, video games are inherently neutral. The message of a video game depends upon its content, not its status of being a video game. Furthermore, the content of a video game being a good or bad influence can be debated for years, as can other forms of art and their content.

  • They are only bad if you play them

    Video games cannot inherently be a bad influence because they are basically computer programs built by people. If there is a detrimental affect then it would be the care taker who allowed a child to spend too much time on one or the programmer who attempts to exploit an undeveloped mind. Used properly, video games can be educational as well as entertaining.

  • Video games aren't any influence.

    Video games, like books, music, or movies, can influence the viewer in whatever way the viewer wants to be influenced A video game isn't intrinsically anything: it can be good or bad. So in that regard I find it hard to believe that you can really just say video games are bad.

  • Video games aren't a bad influence

    I believe that video games aren't a bad influence on individuals. I believe there is more harm caused by human to human interaction than any amount of video game interaction. Television along with an individuals personal upbringing has more to do with personality than outside influences such as video games.

  • They are Not a Bad Influence

    Video games are not a bad influence. They relieve stress, and according to many studies, even improve coordination and self-esteem. Not only that, but with games like Minecraft, they also teach creativity. They can also help people with ADHD how to focus better. They are able to focus on the game completely, which gives them a chance to learn how they focused. Games have been used to help the mentally impaired learn too. The possibilities are endless. Also, there has been a new study conduct on the legitimacy of these "violent video game studies", and they reported a heavy bias in their studies. This means that the results of many of these studies are inaccurate. Playing in teams in violent video games have also been proven to nullify the aggressiveness that "video games cause".

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