• Yes, video games are a bigger threat than guns.

    Violence is not an inborn human characteristic; it is learned, and children are exposed to much more violence at a very early age than ever before.

    One can see the evidence of all the noise, guns, shooting, death, and carnage on school playgrounds every day. Children, for the most part, are not playing quietly together, many are not using the playground equipment to climb and develop their bodies; rather, they are using sticks and other "weapons" to play games of violence.

    Video games are also responsible for the proliferation of ADD and ADHD in children. Most video games are nothing but noise and sensory stimulation. The kids get excited, they can't calm down, and the next thing you know, they are on medication because their parents can't control them.

    Video games are definitely worse than guns and should be closely regulated by parents.

  • No, they aren't

    You can't actually shoot anybody with a video game gun. Of course, the question itself tends to beg the point that both of these are threats. A more meaningful debate, in my opinion, would be whether either of these items are actually a threat. In any event, video games are not a threat at all -- perhaps a detriment in child raising -- but not a threat.

  • No, That's Silly

    That is absolutely a ridiculous statement to make. Guns are literally weapons whose sole purpose is to make killing easier. Video games are a source of entertainment. Many, many people play video games and do not become crazed killers. The danger is not video games. You cannot injure someone with a video game, unless you throw the controller at them or something.

  • Video Games Are Inanimate Objects Incapable Of Killing Anyone

    Video games are inanimate objects, they cannot do anything, much less kill a person. I have a room full of video games, and not once has any of them attempted to harm me in any way. In order for a video game to even perform its intended function it needs a person and a console or computer to operate. Even when running, I've left a game on my computer all night, and it never harmed me. As an experiment I left a stack of video games on my porch all day, and not a neighbor was harmed.

    Thus to say a video game is even dangerous is silly. It's an inanimate object and needs a person and console to even perform its intended function. People are the threat, not video games.

  • Are you actually kidding me?

    I dare anyone to find any reliable evidence that leads to the conclusion that video games are a threat. Also, a THREAT??!! SERIOUSLY!!?? Who in their right mind would think video games are a THREAT!!?? Video games have more than 3 times as many benefits than detriments. This debate thread is just plain idiotic.

  • Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely NOT.

    This question makes me sick to my stomach. How could anyone equate GUNS with VIDEO GAMES? They're two completely unrelated topics. Never in my life have I seen a child who played a violent game go out and act it in public. The deranged, a person with Schizophrenia or other world-perceiving defects may be confused about video games and the fact that they aren't real, but most, 99%, of people can determine the different. A gun is clear-cut. It's a gun. It has only one purpose, to kill. Whether that's in self defense, or not, it's only meant to kill. They're useful for hunting, I admit. That's it.

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