• Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

    Video games are a good idea for kids simply because they improve concentration and hand-eye coordination. With drone technology advancing quickly, kids should be brought up on video games simply because flying a drone is just like using a fancy video game system with more advanced controls. Video games also help children burn off steam from a stressful day. Video games are better than kids going on the street to kill each other.

  • Video games can be a good idea for kids.

    Video games can be a good idea for kids.They can build confidence and hand eye coordination.The main issue is parental oversight.Parents need to make sure that the games are age appropriate for children and try to avoid any that promote illegal or overly violent activities that may hurt the development of the child.

  • Video games are good for kids.

    Video games allow kids to keep an active imagination and to enjoy themselves whenever they are bored at home. Some say video games leads to violence but that is not true at all, if that were the case then the same statement could be made for movies and those are much worse than video games. Video games has also been proven to increase reflexes and decision making. It can give kids a way to think about decision and make an outcome that would be more favorable for them.

  • Video Games Are Good For Kids

    Video games are great tools for teaching many things. First, it helps children gain eye-hand coordination. Also, no matter the violence level, video games are good at engaging a child's set of problem solving skills. Like anything else, the key to kids and video games is moderation and active parenting.

  • There are many

    Different types of games. Some good some bad. But the good games sometimes outweigh the bad. For example, lumosity. Its a game in which it checks your memory, your speed, your hand-eye coordination etc. and after that they give you a line graph on your speed, memory etc. but, there still are the bad games like shooting games (call of duty) thieving games (GTA) and many more ugly and mentally disturbing games. But if you check the age rating of the game (ESRB and pegi) the parents will be able to recognize which game is good for their child

  • Improves job skills in real life.

    There is a study from 12 year old males such as I say video games are improvable and a appropriate use for a job say like call of duty mw3 (modern warfare three) sure it has aggressive and disturbing violence in it but it teaches you how to defend and you would make a great example to be employed to the military and makes a great way for entertainment only some people say video games are bad is because there was only 4 consoles that where considered system failures in the 4th generation of video games by the following Atari jaguar,3do,virtual boy, and apple bandi pippin these consoles were all considered system failures do to slow proses, expensive price tags hours of playing that causes dizziness and nausea. These were all peoples opinions just because some systems failed in the early saga of games and even worse they were negative opinions that's like saying that guns should be banned for defense done by noisy ignorant band of political members of the government saying to restrict your rights to defend your family and yourself and there saying that video games should be banned do to one other game the GTA series (grand theft auto) when in reality it is a sandbox game were it expresses the freedom just like all games.

  • Video Games are

    Very helpful towards kids, simply to help them get over problems. Video games increase imagination, hand-eye coordination, and give them a vast amount of creativity. Technology is growing and being a fan of video games lead to wanting to be in that industry and that helps them keep on track with technology.

  • Yes good form of entertainment

    Video games are a very good idea for kids. They can teach them a lot of things including motor skills, team work, and more. I don't think they should be playing violent games, but if they are age appropriate video games are a great form of entertainment for most kids.

  • As long as it's moderation

    I have absolutely no issue with kids being allowed to play video games, as long as they are not allowed to go overboard with them and play as long as they wish. I think when it comes to kids and video games, they need moderation, only play for an hour or so a day.

  • Many To Chose From

    There are tons of games on the market that are made especially for children. I think these games are excellent for children. Many of these games include educational content, along with fun games and exercises. There is nothing wrong with letting children use these product, if anything it can help them learn.

  • Video games can cause harm

    It has been proved by many tests that young children exposed to violent video games will grow up to be more aggressive and violent. They're young, their minds don't understand and they don't realize this behaviour is wrong. Although yes there are educational video games, even then too much of that and they will grow up to be mindless zombies who do nothing but sit online and on video games much like the rest of this generation.

  • They aren't good.

    Violent games are most likely the reason for school shootings. They know they aren't very protected, so they go there. Some kids get wrapped up so much that that's what they do for hours and hours. Some kids forget things in school because of these games. They may be fun, but it really doesn't help.

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