• Because brain power fuels brawn power

    People use video games to practice the real thing so in a way its like practicing for the future plus sometimes alternate is better than the real thing and people sholud use it more often its the future of practice and the best thing to happen a good way to spend time

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    Video games need practice to play well. Also you have to spend lots of in it
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  • Similar qualities to "athletes"

    People who play video games competitively have to go through training much like players practice for an upcoming game. Plus, in most esport events, it requires a team to accomplish something. Everyone has a certain role on the team that is different from someone else. Much like a quarterback and a wide receiver are different. Also there are some players in esports that are better than others in that role. Just like Peyton Manning is a better quarterback than Johnny Manziel.

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  • Yes, they are.

    Nowdays, video games can provide a full and true insight into life. You can play tennis on a rainy day, or play bowling if your parent's don't give you money to go to the bowling alley. Yes, you may be limited to the size of your TV, but the physical movement required in a lot of video games can exercise your legs without straining them. Just look at the Wii!

  • I agree, and whether you like it or not it is becoming a thing now.

    I agree and the community is growing and people are more accepting to the fact that its now going to be a thing. There are articles, even live broadcasts of such events for video gaming. There is a growing fan base and nothing can stop it from growing. Chess is a sport and I don't see why video games that require a team cooperation in video games are not- Ted Jones.

  • Team based competition

    The definition of sport is an athletic activity requiring skill OR physical prowess and often of a competitive nature. Videogames reach all of those categories. You play in teams to win a championship. You compete to beat other teams. If somemthing like poker is considered a sport I think videogames should be too.

  • Gaming is a sport

    Honestly if poker is a sport then why cant gaming be a sport it involves using strategy and thinking and over all team work so you get to socialize with others in order to when. They have competitions that can earn teams up to $1 million in a 18 team bracket. So if you think it does not require effort to play a game and know exactly how to play your enemy and analyze what they do each round then i honestly do not know how poker is a sport. GAMING IS A SPORT

  • MLG competitive tournaments

    I want to start off by saying we are not only talking about story based games. If you are not involved in recent advancements in multiplayer video games, your argument is invalid. There are many competitive leagues and tournaments to participate in. There are official teams for games like Call of duty, league of legends and Halo. Some school offer scholarships towards multiplayer games such as league of legends.

  • If chess is a sport why not gaming?

    It involves the same mental focus and eye coordination. You must have lots of techniques and fast reflexes to do well in a video game. Scientific research has proven that competitive gaming such as Call Of Duty has improved mental focus and reflexes. It has also improved thinking capability in a short time notice.

  • The Difference Between a Sport, and a Video Game.

    Ever sport out there requires physical strength over brain strength. You don't see any sport out there that requires the athletes to sit down and think their way thorough the competition. While we do have some video games out there that are physical, such as the Xbox Kinect, or the Playstation Move sports themed games, let us remind ourselves what they were based on.
    Video games are a competition of their own, in a category separate than sports.

  • It's definitely not a sport

    It's the electronic equivalent of a sport but isn't, much like how gmail isn't a postal service. No physical exertion, no fitness, no athleticism. How is it a sport? OK it's a competitive, but so is Monopoly, Jeopardy, and spelling bees. Nobody think's they're a sport. We know intuitively that a gaming isn't a sport. If someone told you one of their hobbies was playing sports and it turned out they just play COD after school, you would feel extremely mislead.

  • Video game include no physical movement.

    All you do is sit there and star at a screen, true it does take brain power, but all sports include movement. If cheer leading isn't qualified a sport than why should video game be one. Some video games can have a negative effect on your brain, causing violence. And if want to lean how to do something, you don't just find a video game on it, you do it. Lets say you want to join the army when you get older, military school teaches you what you need to know about what you will do. What you find in video game is not anything close to what it really is. You have to learn to communicate with your team, not talking, you have to interact, and video games can limit that.

  • It doesn't fit the definition of sport

    Sport is defined in the dictionary as an athletic activity requiring skill or physical prowess. While yes, video games do require skill, they are in no way athletic. That isn't to say that video games cannot help people improve at a sport, they actually can be very helpful in the creation of strategy, but are not a sport themselves.

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  • It's competitive, but not athletic

    My personal definition of a sport is: A contest in which competitors utilize gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and mental exertion to meet yes/no scoring requirements more often than their opponent. Video games meet almost all of these requirements, and are probably the hardest games to play in terms of fine motor skills. However, there is no incorporation of gross motor skills in video games, preventing it from achieving full sport status.

  • Gtfo lmao what a joke

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  • Video games are not sports

    Definition of sport
    An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.
    The key phrase there is physical exertion, which video games require none of. Pressing buttons while sitting in a chair and drinking Mountain Dew is not physical exertion. Just because it can be competitive doesn't mean it's a sport.

  • Not sport, but it sure is art.

    I compare games to books. Given a game with a nice plot, like a book, it develops itself through characters, climax, and atmosphere. However, unlike a book, it can implement greater immersion and enhance its atmosphere with dialogue, music, and visuals. Though not typically what one would consider a sport, in its own respect, it does stand as art.

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LaSaucisseDeVeau says2016-03-17T12:19:29.727
My name is LaSaucisseDeVeau.... I think video games are not sports because we are sitting on a chair and do nothing else.... We don't run, we don't play outside..... We must lose calories to be doing sport.......