• Choice versus subjectivity.

    Books offer insight and perspective into different subjective world views on any array of topics or subjects, but they are incapable of allowing YOU to experience them in an interactive, and consequential, manner. Video games achieve this while maintaining a narrative, allowing the observer to also be a participant. I claim this makes for a more engaging experience.

  • Books have Evolved

    There are plenty of people who still prefer a hard copy book over a video game. I occasionally enjoy reading book as well over a video game. Recently, books have become virtual now able to read them off a digital screen such as a Kindle. Now, you can delve into a story through visual novels. It is still essentially a story in a familiar format of a continuous story like you would encounter in a book. However, the visual novel allows you to interact with the story as the protagonist making various decisions that changes the story to an extent. Now, many of you are still thinking that this sounds like a genre of a video game. Well, it is, but it is made to resemble an interactive book. I personally consider them to be another version of virtual book as well as it seems to retain many features of an enjoyable book with an addition of interactivity. Many visual novels are based on actual books.

    I believe books will continue to evolve in creative ways and the classic regular book will continue to exist for eternity. The visual novel is just another adaptation on the classic.

  • Not for me

    Being violent and shooting stuff and being desensitized to blood and graphic images is not anywhere close to getting lost in a story and becoming connected with the characters, asking questions about the book, putting pieces together and learning facts. Personally I think video games are boring and stupid. Reading helps you learn facts and develop language and reading skills.

  • Books are more engaging:

    Games in general tend to be repetitive with a few exceptions (Chess, for instance) and therefore not engaging. Interactivity should be based on the value not the medium and games, other than RPGs, rarely have that form of interactivity. The most popular games like CoD are definitely not "interactive" in an engaging sense though they let you button mash and shoot virtual targets all day long with no real consequences.

    Video games, due to the repetitive and generally simple layouts for mechanics are not engaging in the sense of their gameplay. They may be engaging in storyline but that's no different than reading a "Choose your Adventure" book. Most videogames are simply mathematical constructs (I.E. I do 50 dmg!) versus being philosophically challenging.

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Dr_Obvious says2014-09-17T01:57:06.550
Video games are worse than crack! If I had a dollar for every hour of sleep I've lost because of them, I could buy a new Mercedes. I'm not joking.