• It is art

    It is Art because art is it so then it must be art. This means that it is most certainly art if it is art. If it wasn't art then it might not be art cause then it wouldn't be art, But it is. This means that it is art.

  • Video games are visual poetry

    As classical poems are constructed by forming together words that express a feeling or an object, Or a mindset, Games are made by the construction of functions and logic, And words of their own language. Java, Python, C++, Ruby are all languages, And are all poetry in their own special way. Also as art takes weeks, Months, Or years to perfect, Building any game of any sort takes dedication, Creativity, And refining that on average lasts 2-4 years with a company of people. They also open up a new dimension of possibility, If I imagine a fantasy world of my own creation I could paint a single frame of it or write books or poetry hoping that the readers or viewers get it. While gaming incorporates visual art like painting, But to the next level, With movement and exploration in a 2D or 3D space, So I am not just limited to a single frame pasted on a canvas. Also you get the poetry and description present and written mediums, By creating a virtual story line and making connections with characters that feel more real, Because you can see them and interact with them and your actions make a different to their behavior and personal views of you. So to conclude, Video games are art, As they allow the audience and players to experience a world of your creation in a more personal, Visual, And open way.

  • Not only are video games art, but movies are art as well.

    You look at a movie like Frozen, Grand Budapest Hotel, Wall-E, Up, Edge of Tomorrow, Coco, The Lego Movie, Star Wars even, and tell me film isn't art. It took many, many people to create these films, with one executive director telling them what to do. Think of it like this: a sculptor wants to make a huge sculpture the size of a building. They can't do it on their own, so they hire other people to help them make it. The sculptor has his vision and is using other people to carry out that vision.

    A sculpture is art, no matter how many people helped the sculptor. Movies are the same, an art form, no matter how many people work on the movie.

    Video games are an art form the same way a movie is, only the player is in control of what happens in the game. It takes many concepts to get a true vision out, and it takes even more work to get the kinks and bugs out of a game in preparation of millions playing a developer's game.

    Some may argue that video games and movies alike are not art because the directors/developers are motivated by money to make them. If that's the case, then Bob Ross isn't an artist because his works were televised, making him and the stations broadcasting his art money. I disagree with that idea because art is art, no matter the motivation. I believe that everything can be an art form, no matter the motive, no matter the quality of the outcome, or if everyone likes it or not.

    Video games are an art form, with the medium being a computer.

  • Yes definitely yes

    Video games aren't just about killing and shooting people up, Video games are mostly a way for artists to get their points across using them like a video game, in the game Journey it was about you just wondering around beautiful places and admiring everything yes it had a goal, but that goal was just to climb a mountain in the end, the real purpose of journey was to just admire the beauty and talent of the developers. Not only can art in video games be portrayed through view but through music and sounds, the soundtrack to a game called Undertale is truly art, it's not all just bleeps and bloops and just some ratty old tin can being thrown down some stairs it incorporates piano's and violins as well as bleeps and bloops in a beautiful way.

  • As long as its creative, its art!

    When you go into an art gallery you usually expect a bunch of big works of art you haves seen a thousand times before, now if you go in you can see how people will keep you in by making you a part of this new type of art every one loves

  • Yes dey are...

    If you don't know already, Video Games include graphics and most of the time include some kind of music, I may be wrong about this but I am PRETTY sure that music is an art, a fine art, and to make those graphics they need art otherwise the term "graphics" wouldn't necessarily exist

  • Why shouldn't they be?

    The definition of art is "the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination". Are you saying that video games aren't the expression of the creators imagination? If not, then what are they? They need to design, draw and create entire WORLDS for a game, but your saying that this is? Don't know about you, but the Smithsonian thinks games are art as well.

  • Yes i love video games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why is because video games are awesome and i love sage and sonic the hedgehog and idk what i'm saying soooo ya lol lol lol lol :) and star stable is awesome and eveyone can play star stables lol lol lo, lol lol lol lol lol lol lo, lol lol lol lol looll

  • I Believe Many Video Games Are Artfully Done.

    If you haven't seen Bethesda's Elder Scroll games (Oblivion & Skyrim) then you need to take a close look at them. The scenery in both games is magnificent and very realistic. At 52 years old I never thought that I would find myself playing video games but I play them often. The artistic nature of many of these games is part of the draw for me.


    Video games are an art in which consist of electrical components that could only be experienced through video games. Video games are kind of like books (with plots). There is the protagonist and there is the antagonist of which whose role is to hinder the protagonist in way they can. Video games for a visual representation of what one thinks and it expresses the depths of the imagination and creative skills, for making a "good" video game isn't easy in the least.

  • Video games as art is like saying movies or music is art.

    Seriously? 100%? I mean come on. It is just another form of media.You hear about your favourite actors, directors, musicians, etc. but that doesn't make them artists. I did art when I went to middle school, and believe me, THAT was real art. We did drawings and sketches, etc. Children these days are lazy and trying to justify playing video games. I hope my grandson will not fall for these silly habits!

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