• They are BAD

    Video games are bad because they can have violence in them, if they don't, they can have any bad words for children or really inappropriate pics in them. Yes video games are not all violence or inappropriate full like you can play Mario Cart or other games like that. Also video games can damage your body if you are playing on them 24-7. Sometimes you can wonder how did this person die when I stabbed a knife in it's toe. To answer that question, you would try it in this world ( if you're a idiot)
    That's why I think video games are bad.

  • Video games are not all bad

    Although i don't see the reason for first person shooter games i do think a lot of the games i play are good for the brain. I play a lot of strategy games and most the time it requires me to think about how i'm going to handle the situation. I also play puzzle games and they also require me to think harder about how the pieces move and how the rest of the environment around will also react to the movement of the piece. A lot of games require you to think more about whats going to happen around you;and how you are going to use other objects to your advantage to get around or solve the problem.

  • No, it depends

    No, it depends on how long you play them. If the people who play video games to much then yes I think it is bad but if the people play them sometimes just for fun then I think video games are not bad at all. They are actually awesome .

  • Are you serious

    I play games, have never had a violent thought towards someone. They are fun and I do not intend to stop playing them, books can be worse, movies can be worse. If you don't like them don't play them and if you don't like your child playing a certain game don't let them or if he/she really wants to play them sort out a deal with them like playing for 1 hour a day or maybe not playing the campaign and only playing multiplayer which won't have as much swearing.

  • They are only as bad as what you take from them

    I believe that video games aren't any more "bad" than movies can be. Video game titles have a rating system for a reason. Contrary to belief, they actually do serve a purpose. For instance, if you have a 8 year old son playing Grand Theft Auto V (Rated M), you can't really be too surprised when they walk around cussing up a storm. The video game isn't really to blame there. And even if, it just takes reinforcing that you shouldn't always do what you see or say what you hear. I've seen many kids, myself included, play teen and mature games at a young age, yet we never had the sudden urge to go copy what the game did. Just a simple reinforcement to kids, adolescents, and sometimes even adults, that some stuff shouldn't be copied in the real world might be necessary if they choose to play a mature game without having otherwise good common sense.

  • They are not as bad,

    They're not really bad. Many people claim they cause Gun violence, but they have yet to actually find a valid corralation between the two. Video Games help with hand-eye cordination and there are now video games to help people in the military train how to use their M16. Video Games are simply not the evil everyone says they are.

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