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  • Games affect your concentration

    There have been studies saying that concentration in gamers was lower, it is believed that the reason for this is that real life can not move with the speed of games(also movies etc but more with games) therefore something like a book becomes harder to read, well i suppose that's it
    *sidenote sorry for possible missspellings i am dyslexctic*

  • NO. Addiction is bad for your health

    The only potential for video games to cause any harm to a person's health is if they begin to neglect themselves and healthy habits in order to feed an addiction. If a person stops bathing and eating because they can't leave a game then they have a problem, but the game itself does no harm.

  • Fun to play but still unhealthy

    Firstly, many famous video games normalize violence. Looking at many first person shooter games like Doom, Call of Duty or Fortnite, the goal of the games is to effectively murder all your enemies to garner more points. Subconsciously, this exposes something as serious as murder to the day-to-day life of the player. Academic research is torn in this issue of whether there is any causal link between real-life aggression and playing video games, as many research papers have conflicting results. This makes this topic highly polarizing and easy to politicize. What is clearly evident is that a meta analyses of research papers show a 0.15 correlation between aggression and playing video games. While small and causality is not necessarily proven, this correlation is something to watch out for.

    Another strong point comes from extreme usage of playing video games. Playing too many hours a day could cause a person to lose sleep and lose track of his/her other priorities in life such as work, family and social life. Additionally, getting too competitive in video games could induce anger issues as being the best in any game requires many hours of work and a lot of tough losing experiences. One could say that many other things in life are unhealthy if not used in moderation. If we look at alcohol or cigarettes, they are ingrained in the day-to-day life of the average person and is an avenue to relax. While ok in moderation, most people would agree that these are still unhealthy.

    So to wrap it up, video games encourage violence, induce anger issues and could be dangerous under extreme usage. The answer is certainly not to ban it, but we must understand that a lot of video games are not very healthy.

  • Video games do not help people.

    Video games are a waste of time they do not help people they make peoples attitude really bad and when parents tell there kids to get of there video game they have bad attitude towards there parents and it depends on the video game which impacts on there behavior so that is why video games are bad for you

  • Only certain games are bad for you and many are not as they are educational

    Most video gamers play in the company of friends. As well as improving these specific skills, playing video games can have a positive effect on your social life too. ... So gaming is not the geek's paradise it once seemed, and while some video games will still make the headlines, they aren't all bad.

  • Yes, but they are a side effect and not the problem.

    I believe that videogames are widely (but not in all cases) used as an escape. I don't believe that they are the problem to focus on, but I know they are not the solution. I used to play videogames 9 - 15 hours a day! I did this because it was summer and in my mind I had nothing else to do. That couldn't be more untrue. There is always something better to do, however it is hard to do things that take time if you work everyday or are in school. Videogames are so easy to pick up when you want and put down when you have to.

    I'm all over the place with this... Here are reasons why videogames are bad:
    - In many cases, they are replacing time that could be used for much better things (exercising, socializing, reading, learning a new skill...)
    -It is unhealthy to sit down for hours on end
    -If played late at night they inhibit sleep
    - They enforce impulsive behavior and needing instant gratification
    -They are a form of escapism to avoid problems

  • In this argument yes, but it depends...

    When people play video games it is meant to be for fun, sometimes it can help you become more creative, and better at problem solving. However, it is like alcohol is the aspects of it being a great laugh and to socialise but some people take it to the extreme by getting drunk, just like videogames. They can overtake our lives to the point where you don't want to leave the house, don't want to talk to anybody as well. I think their is lots of great fun in video games but the argument is "are video games bad for our health" so yes, yes they are, more so that they are worse than okay, not horrendous for our heath.

  • Honestly, It really depends.

    As someone who had spent 10k hours into FFXIV, 3k in CSGO, 2k in WoW ect...You get it...

    It does not necessarily cause any damage mentally I'd say, but they sure do physically. Sitting on a chair for hours long can be damaging in every way.

    Simply stand up every 30 min to an hour, go out for a walk, eat a balanced diet, sleep on time and be responsible.

    Personally I will work out every day, just go outside for a 40 to hour long jog, its much better than sitting around all day. And for those of you who sleep late, just wake up early, honestly. I guarantee you it feels much better that way, and you aren't losing time either way.

    Posted by: T0ra
  • NO, it's not.

    It's not bad for your health. Studies have been done saying that video games increase the attention span of a student by 25 %. Also, video games help increase mental awareness and can give someone a sharp eye for details. For those reasons, I believe that video games are beneficial, and are not quite as harmful. Video games are not bad unless we make them bad. In fact, video games have been shown to improve attention to detail and overall mental sharpness. If you still go outside, exercise, and keep healthy habits, then video games are fine. In this instance, they are more helpful than harmful.

  • No they actually benefit people.

    Studies have been done saying that video games increase the attention spam of a student by 25 %. Also video games help increase mental awareness and can give someone a sharp eye in details. For those reasons I believe that video games are beneficial, and are not quite as harmful.

  • Lol no fam

    Video games are not bad but we can make them horrible. Plus, the person making the argument saying that games stops us from reading books is dyslexic. Also, some people who hate games are just saying that because it made them lose a loved one to video games, mostly. Chicken

  • Videogames have benifits

    Video games may be looked down on but they have benefits to many teens in today's world, online gamer's prove to have better social skills and help get through tough times. Therefore i believe video games help a lot of people to this day including myself. So i disagree with video games being bad for health

  • Addiction is bad

    Video games are not bad unless we make them bad. In fact, video games have been shown to improve attention to detail and overall mental sharpness. If you still go outside, exercise, and keep healthy habits, then video games are fine. In this instance, they are more helpful than harmful.

  • It isn't unhealthy to play videogames

    It isn't unhealthy to play video games it can be unhealthy the way you play might be the problem just because it can cause eye damage by being right next to the tv screen but it isn't unhealthy to just play from a distance away there are more reasons but this is one of them

  • They have health benefits, not just obstructions.

    It has been shown that video games improve hand-eye coordination, improve critical thinking, and improve reflexes. The only time playing video games is bad for you is if you already have an unhealthy lifestyle. If you sit around and do nothing but play all day, then it could be bad. But with other exercise, taking breaks, and living healthy in general, video games pose no threat.

  • Some Are Educational

    Many games like minecraft, and superhot are very edgy brain tools that empower us to get creative, and solve the problem. Minecraft is based on survival skills, sourounded by monsters, you get to build your own house, and become your own architect.
    In superhot, time only moves when you do, your in control of the clock, but that can become very hard, you have to find out clever ways to survive, and escape the system. And many other games like "Brain Age" and more help your brain grow

  • You're the big gay

    Because I said so mate so go read this The first Russian edition of the Manifesto of the Communist Party, Translated by Bakunin, Was
    published early in the ‘sixties by the printing office of the Kolokol [a reference to the Free
    Russian Printing House]. Then the West could see in it (the Russian edition of the Manifesto)
    only a literary curiosity. Such a view would be impossible today.
    What a limited field the proletarian movement occupied at that time (December 1847) is most
    clearly shown by the last section: the position of the Communists in relation to the various
    opposition parties in various countries. Precisely Russia and the United States are missing here. It
    was the time when Russia constituted the last great reserve of all European reaction when the
    The United States absorbed the surplus proletarian forces of Europe through immigration. Both
    countries provided Europe with raw materials and were at the same time markets for the sale of
    its industrial products. Both were, Therefore, In one way of another, Pillars of the existing
    European system.
    How very different today. Precisely European immigration fitted North American for a gigantic
    agricultural production, Whose competition is shaking the very foundations of European landed
    property – large and small. At the same time, It enabled the United States to exploit its
    tremendous industrial resources with an energy and on a scale that must shortly break the
    industrial monopoly of Western Europe, And especially of England, Existing up to now. Both
    circumstances react in a revolutionary manner upon America itself. Step by step, The small and

  • Just like anything too much of it could be damaging

    I consider myself a gamer with over 1000 hours in multiple games I once was addicted to playing video games. I noticed that I was damaging myself by playing too much of a particular game I was getting chubby and I was getting eye strain. I don't blame video games for this but I blame myself for not controlling my urge to game, Its not the game it's the game.

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