• You all forgot something.

    All of the con arguments forgot one critical factor to the mix: health problems. These can cause obesity, seizures, motion sickness, fatiuge, and deep vein thrombosis. Unlike TV, these trap you in more levels to play. That risk just increased. Oh, and PS, you can relieve stress in other ways, not just by games.

  • Video games are bad

    Video games are just a big distraction for you and diverts your attention from your studies. Many studies have shown that playing video games makes children less intelligent than those children who don't play. Games, especially shooting ones, makes children more violent than others. The shoot out in the US school was done by a student, who had played a lot of shooting games.

  • Video games are bad for you.

    Video games are a waste of time and they are not good for anyone. It is not good for your professional or social life to spend time escaping into a fantasy world. There are healthy ways to have fun and to relax. Video games also encourage people to be violent.

  • Video Games Are bad

    They mess with your social life and your brain and how it thinks. I think that books are way better than video games since sometimes. Video games lead to violent behaviour,I think video games should be banned.Video games also make you only think about games and not sleep.Go ban vidgames

  • Video games wreck your health

    They can lead to anxiety, depression, increase in aggression and violence, and mess with your social life. Not only that, but they worsen your physical health and can cause weight gain, neck and muscle problems, and strain in parts of your body. People also can spend way too much time playing video games and can become addicted, putting games first in front of work or school and spending time with friends and family.

  • Yes it is cant concentrate on other activities more than playing video games it is better to play indoor games

    Just we will request our parents for 30 minutes we will play after we want read but we cant concentrate our mind will be full on that game itself and we cant concentrate full on it.

    More than playing video games we can play indoor games because by playing video games we can get eye sight and obesity some will say we can play indoor games as video games also no but we should play for example chess when play as video game there will be some hint by we will play but we don't know how to play but by playing naturally we can play game very easily we can our opposing person who plays with us how he plays

  • Video games support obesity illnesses and sleep depravation

    To begin with, when a person is in the same position for hours at a time, they may develop an illness called carpal tunnel syndrome, “an injury to a nerve in the wrist” (Source 1, Stein). In addition, by doing the same movements over and over, teenagers can put strain on the neck, wrists, and elbows and develop pain. Although some may argue that playing in moderation does not lead to these injuries, the sad truth is that most teenagers do not play in moderation. An example of this is 18-year-old Ryan Cassidy, who on a recent night spent from 10:30 p.M. To 2 a.M. Playing video games, gaming on his cellphone, and watching T.V. He even used the, “two-minute breaks within the game to play another game on his cellphone” (Source 3, Healy). Ryan is representative of most teenagers who have a high risk of developing an injury. It is clear that playing video games can lead to the development of illnesses and injuries.
    Another possible problem of teenagers playing video games is that they are at risk of obesity. Multiple studies have shown “a correlation between obesity and the amount of time children spend with television and video games” (Source 4, Schectman). If teenagers are spending the bulk of their time playing video games, then there is no time for physical activity. Some organizations, including the American Heart Association, argue that there are some video games that include some physical activity that can be the, “first step toward fitness” (Source 4, Schectman). However, there are few video games that involve physical activity, and the ones that do, do not require the same exertion as regular sports or exercise. This all goes to show that when teenagers spend most of their time playing video games, they are not spending time doing physical activity. This lack of activity results in higher levels of teenage obesity. This risk is a powerful indication that video games are detrimental to physical health.
    In addition, excessive video game playing can also lead to sleep deprivation. The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine recommend 9 hours of sleep for teenagers every night. However, the average teenager sleeps only 6.5 to 7.5 hours every night (Source 3, Healy). Dr. Matthew Edlund, the director of the Center for Circadian Medicine, explained that in order to build long-term memory, focus attention, remain healthy, and avoid obesity, teenagers need to get enough sleep. Interestingly, Edlund said that, “From a public health standpoint, I look at this and I am scared stiff. They’re so connected to their machines that they’re treating themselves as though they don’t need any rest” (Source 3, Healy). If teenagers aren’t getting enough rest it is detrimental to their physical health.

  • Video games are always bad tell age 20

    Vidoegames are bad for you becouse it inractes you brine and the you start killing people becase of colladoty and then your brain upvelups that and that is nat a good theing if your brine is uveluped unof and age 20 then you are abele to play those games and ther will not be as muck shotings like people do

  • Video games are always bad tell age 20

    Vidoegames are bad for you becouse it inractes you brine and the you start killing people becase of colladoty and then your brain upvelups that and that is nat a good theing if your brine is uveluped unof and age 20 then you are abele to play those games and ther will not be as muck shotings like people do

  • Video games can make players delusional. Video games suck!

    I think that the games make people unhappy because they can't get off. Video games can lead to many bad things like, health, social, and others. Some of my friends won't get off the WII. This is why video games are very bad for some people. Don't play video games

  • Video Games Aren't Bad For You

    When people say video games are bad for you. In some occasions they are right. But however those people don't take the time needed, to see the good in video games. Some of the good effects of video games are, increased hand eye coordination, improved reading skills, increased multitasking functions, and increased night vision.

  • They are sometimes.

    Should kids be allowed to play video games?

    In recent years one debate has been persistent and never ending: Should children be allowed to play video games

    Stats show that around 91% of children play video games irrespective of what they are. This means many precautions and a mountain of responsibility. A video game is very gory sometimes. Sometimes a child thinks their mind is strong enough but it is not.

    Adults would do anything to not influence their children from the characters In the game. This is the main reason why young children have been banned from having the mature video games. Children do not know as much as parents and what they think is fun could be very unsuitable comedy or violence.

    Firstly it helps kids be creative. In games you need some problem solving which increase your intelligence in real life and be resourceful.

    Secondly you learn better hand coordination and attentive to detail. Many games support multiplayer which helps team work.

    Finally many computer games have been proven to increase the mental performance and intelligence.

    Although there are a many points for playing video games there are many against as well. After spending too much time with video games it alters your writing skills in a bad way and as well stimulates its mind. This means when you write it is like a scribble and barely legible.

    Video games can effect a child's education, which could mean bad grades in school. Also they'll be missing out on activities outside that are fundamental to their physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development.

    Video games are sometimes gory and causes nightmares and destroys your brain

    Mature games on young children.
    To conclude I would like to say that a child needs discipline and maturity and a fixed time to be able to play video games his or her room. I do think it is a great advantage for children play video games but it needs to happen in a monitored way. It is a bit like fast food it is a treat to have but only once in a while

  • Video games have no negative impact on american youth

    Halo, Sims, Call of Duty, Pac-man, and Destiny what do all of these have in common? They are all a video game. Many people say that all video games are bad for our kids, but thats not true there are games such as Pac-Man that the only negative effect is that kids may learn to hide from their parents due to pac man hiding from the 2 bit ghost. There are also video games that are specifically designed for educational uses such as jump start or lumosity. Games like these are used to help students learn with a little bit of fun mixed in. Due to this it is safe to say that not all video games are bad for our youth

  • Video games aren't bad.

    Are you wondering if video games affect your health negatively? Well, here’s the answer for you. The answer is no, and I’ll tell you why.
    Video games can positively affect you health because during the game, it teaches you skills that you can use in real life. Such as in Minecraft, when you are crafting things, it can show you how to craft things in real life.
    Another reason is that studies show that Call of Duty can improve your eyesight. This is possible because when you see a bad guy out of the corner of your eye, you see the person and turn around. This can also improve your reflexes, because the quicker you put your fingers on that controller, the quicker you’ll be able to kill the bad guy. “The study’s authors believe that the process of locating and aiming at enemies exercised the gamers’ eyes. And with bad guys unpredictably popping up, the shooting games also helped players learn to analyze optical data on the fly” (Guarini 1).
    The third reason is that studies show video games can slow the aging process. “Playing brain-teasing games for just two hours a week may help slow the degree of mental decay associated with the natural aging process, according to a study this year from the University of Iowa” (Guarini 1).

  • They are Great

    Studies have shown video games help sharpen reflexes and heighten senses. However I do feel like they should be played in bursts not constantly as that has been proved to strain your eyes. Parents also should take note that you should make your kid finish any school work before allowing them to play with games.

  • Not even close

    Seriously. There is scientific proof even. I mean, obviously staring at a TV screen for a long, long time is unhealthy no matter what is on, but I strongly believe that video games can even be beneficial. The first thing I would like to point out though, is that not all games are. Some horror games can seriously screw you up even. But then there are puzzle games like Tetris, etc. that really bend your mind and give you good reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Also, there are games like the Bioshock series that cause you to really, really think hard to piece all of the plot line together. Video games have also been shown to give you more frequent dreams which is really cool.

  • Video games are not bad for you.

    Video games are fine. Now I will agree that they need to be played in moderation, but video games are just a sense of relief from the real world. Such as, if a kid does his homework, checks it and is totally done, video games for the rest of the day should be fine. The only problem that might come from video games is not playing in moderation and kids play too much and kids don't do their homework. So in my opinon video games are okay.

  • Are they bad

    The answer is no because they improve your reaction time and they are a pretty good way to get social. They also improve teamwork because they so,eti,Ed put you on teams in sports games. They also improve hand eye coordination which is good if you have to play sports at school

  • Video games are good for you

    Video games are not bad for you because it helps with hand eye coordination and many other things such as strategy. Video games make you think about multiple things at once. I a player of video games have very good reaction time. I think things out more too. Video games are not all bad for you.

  • Video games are merely entertainment

    No, I do not believe that video games are bad for people. Video games are for entertainment, and sometimes learning purposes. Granted, if you allow your reality to be clouded by the use of video games then they are can be bad for that particular person. For the average person, video games are harmless.

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