• Video Games Are Better

    I think that video games are better than computer games. Computer games have definitely made strides in being better but video games are still superior. You have more of a variety because there are several different consoles that you can play them on and developers usually invest more money in console games.

  • They're on equal footing.

    Video games and computer games might be better loved depending on the gamer you ask, but overall I feel they each have their own merits and flaws and come up being fairly equal in the end when it comes to common factors of argument: graphics, availability, game selection, difficulty, and other qualities as well.

  • No, totally stupid question

    In reality, what is the true difference here we are talking about. I think this question is going to really depend on who you are talking to and how they play. The games on computers and the games on video game systems are not that much difference, they do not even have separate definitions at this point.

  • This is a silly question

    What's the difference? Console games get ported to computers, computer games get ported to consoles. Both happen all the time now. Some games are better on a console or a computer, it depends what type of game it is and what kind of controls are required. Neither is "better" as they don't share separate definitions anymore.

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