• Video games- The worst invention of the 20th Century

    These days we see that most of the children are wearing spectacles. They are so much into PS2, PS3, XBOX etc. That deserting them is impossible. This not only affects their health but children lose their concentration in studies and get less marks. According to a survey children above the age of 5 spend 3-4 hours on T.V whereas the time spent on studies is just 1-2 hours. Also these games are made in such a way that while they do other work their mind still thinks about games and how to cross the levels. Yes to some extent games can be enjoyable but excess of anything is bad. However the young generation plays too much which results in less concentration. I would end by saying that Games thrill but kill.

  • Yes. They are.

    Me and thegreencobra were just talking about addictions. Minecraft Addictions. There was a kid that went to the hospital due to playing MC so much he didnt eat or sleep. I play MC but not that much. Video games are a little to addicting. Every time i see another kid they are always ghostly white and skinny. Its disgusting.

  • Good & Bad

    I think most newer video games are getting addicting to some people.I can't say everyone is getting addicted cause that's not true. Most people really do play videos games way more than they should and lots agree(Mostly adults). For example Minecraft,Roblox,ect. And yeah little may not even know the games i named but most likely not. Most of these online/not online(xbox ,etc.) games able you to meet new people all over the world. So yeah i agree there are good things about the newer games but think of all the bad things that come with it.

  • Far, far more.

    Yes it's absolutely true. Video games are getting far too addicting, much more so than video games have ever been in the past.
    Developers have refined the techniques used to keep players playing and keep spending money.
    It may be time for a necessary regulation of the video game industry in order to crack down on many of these practices.

    Check out this article from Cracked.Com to see one viewpoint of some of the practices used in video games.

  • Check out America's obesity rate or reasons most teens aren't active.

    I'm a gamer and I agree. Video games are addicting. They can take up a lot of time and can be really hard to put down. Games are escapist fantasies and some adults can find themselves addicted because their lives are hard. Kids are an even easier target. Parents aren't exactly helping either. There's no denying statistics.

  • Games are More Addictive by Design

    The addictive potential of games used to be incidental to their design; games were simply rewarding to play and rewarding experiences elicit some addictive behavior to varying degrees. However, As the industry matures, It has been incentivized by the profitability of addiction to make games that exhibit reward structures that elicit reinforcing behavior.

  • They are addictive

    Violent Video games are addictive because people (mostly kids) will want to keep playing the video game and that is when it turns dangerous. If you keep playing your eyes can get badly injured and you might go blind. That is why I think video games are addictive and dangerous.

  • No no no

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    i don't play video games but no no no no no no no no no no no no no
    It's your choice no no no no no no nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • No, Definitely not.

    I feel that video games are not really addictive at all and that it is pure player choice if they would like to play a game and not because the game is too addictive but more rather that the gamer would like to play a game, to have an addiction is to need to play something or having to play games to get on with their daily life but games do not make you feel like you have to play it, but more that you would like to play it, gaming is more of a hobby than an addiction.

  • I'm a hardcore gamer.

    I have been playing violent and non violent games since I was literally 3. Never have had a problem. I played a lot but not excessively when I was young. Like modern games got too boring. So I took up to fanficton and RTS's. Very fun. Also story deep games like Legend Of Zelda,Halo,StarCraft, and older games. Not the games that have given gamers a rotten look and distasteful newer gamers.
    But no. Not unless you sit down 24/7 and play games and you don't believe in getting every achievement. Then you're a plain lazy addicted gamer.

  • Not really no

    It's not the games that are to addictive, it's the people playing them who are getting addicted. That may not make a lot of sense but what I mean is that people are there own worse enemies. If you want to take something like a game you like and cause actual harm to yourself that's your own fault not the game.

  • I'd have to say no.

    I don't really play those "FPS" games every seems to adore so much, but I am still a gamer. I play many games, Visual novels,SRPG,JRPG, Simulation. Sure I may try to play a game in 24 hours and not sleep,eat, or take a break. But I'm only trying to beat it. Then after I beat it, I won't touch it in a year or two, unless there's an after story. A game recently came out that I'd been wanting for a while. Tales of Xillia. I'm a big Tales of Series fan. I got into the game and starting playing it away, then I took a break one day and never went back to playing it. Lately I've been watching someone do a Let's Play of Skyrim from 2011. Sure I've gotten the urge to pick up the controller, kill giants and fight dragons. Have I? No.

    I don't think video games are really that addicting and that's coming from a person that loves to play them.

  • Video Games aren't getting addicting.

    Video Games have their charm and can be addicting, but however to argue that Video Games are getting even more addicting than before isn't true. Plenty of people can play newer video games and still live normal lives. Video Games are no different than collecting comic books, playing sports, reading a book, or watching TV.

    However one can argue that for some people they take it too far. But that's not proof of addiction per say. It's more attributed to irresponsibility, yes some adults and children do take video gaming too far, but let's look at where it has to stop or where it could have stopped. For children their parents letting them play for so long is on part the parents fault and also with the child as the child should have known when to stop if he's getting tired, but if he countering the exhaustion by using energy drinks I'm sorry but that's just stupid and only 1 in a million would be that stupid. For Adults it's impossible to be addicted to a ridiculous example cause the adult will have to work and earn a living eventually, if he doesn't then he just ruins his own life and he deserved it as such.

  • No, not really.

    The term "too" implies that it is much more addicting than other substances. I have never heard of one person who was addicted to the stimulus of playing video games, whereas substances like cocaine and heroine are highly addictive, and can even kill you in a high enough quantity. Nobody every dies because of video games.

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