• Yes they help kids explore

    Video games helps kids with hand eye cord-nation and it helps kids learn about how to protect them self if they come to a danger that ha-pend in the game. Also it makes it so kids get some time to their self when they want to. Last kids like to and do you want a kid to be mad at you for a long time because you didn't let play on their video games.

  • Video games are good

    According to the encyclopedia of gwdujfgyweujs video games improve grades and strength also when you get wins in fortnight you can get wins and brag to your friends that your a goat and get dem dubs. Also playing video games makes you fearless and you increase your chance to grow wings and fly away into the sunset by 5 percent

  • They are great

    They can help with stress and being a kid my self I know all about it. So if your ever stressed than go play the X- box or PS4 or even a phone to get you calmed down and have your troubles behind you. If you ask me this method can really help.

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  • Games help destress

    If a kid needs to calm down he/ she can sit down and play a game or two. While as yes it is bad for hours on end but it does help your mind focus on the games not on whatever is bothering them. I needed a few more words so here they are.

  • Helps with Hand-Eye coordination

    There are games that can help kids with hand-eye coordination as long as kids still go outside it should be fine with many games you need to look at the screen and move your fingers this can help with piano, Sports, And other things because for both piano and sports you need to watch a ball or notes and move your hands or legs to block the ball or hit the key.

  • I think every person must play video games

    It is because video games can teach us problem solving skills and creativiy.It can help us make new friends.Video games also can encourage us to exersice.Beside that,it can help us and parent back together.Video games also can let us learn new words.We can also play our favourite sport of games.

  • All ages should play video games

    1.2 billion people play video games and 92,165 people do not play video game in the world. So most 99% of the world play video games
    its like this much people plat video games 1.0,000,000,000. And win my kids leare how to read win they play video games Ok cool

  • They increase creativity

    Video games help kids think of new and creative things it doesn't hurt your eyes unless you're really close and need glasses so anyone who says video games are bad is an idiot. They're probably just really bad at playing so they just say they're bad because they suck at them.

  • Yes They Are For All Ages.

    They're Good For Everyone Of All Ages. Video Games Keep Children & Adults From Committing Crimes Or Harming Others. Video Games Improve Social Skills, Video Games Improve Driving/Motor Skills, Video Games Improve Problem Solving Skills, Video Games Improve Vision, Video Games Improve Hand-Eye Coordination, Video Games Make People Less Violent, Video Games Improve Memory, Video Games Slow Mental Aging, Video Games Help People With Mental Disorders, Video Games Improve The Reading Skills Of People With Dyslexia, & Video Games Improve The Balance In People With MS & The Elderly.

  • Not good at all

    Children waste their time for playing video games and neglect studies and they have health hazards, poor eyesight, poor diet/overeating
    , they also become hyperactive,violent, aggressive and destructive they pressurise their parents for buying them more n more games .
    Some are good but they make children aggressive and destructive.

  • Some are violent or bad

    Video games can encourage bad or violent behavior and innapprpriate for gestures and words and almost all video games are bad for the eyes and brain such as call of duty, world of warcraft, modern warfare and assasins creed. But some are ok for older children there are also educational games which are ok to.

  • They just aren't.

    Anyone who says no most commonly has backup of it helping hand-eye coronation. While there are sports that help with fitness and hand-eye coronation. A person who thought differently talked about video cause people to not commit crimes and harm of others. I believe the opposite. Psychologytoday. Com it says, "[kids]. . . Brain and psyche can become over stimulated" So if you still think that video games are good for kids, Look harder in the evidence of why it's not.

  • It is all about the addiction

    Well as we all know that a lot are popular video games which make kids addicted to them, which is not good for health, eyes and physical strength. I am also a kid who likes to video game but not in excess. This can effect our current and future generation.

  • No, of course not!

    Video games are bad for kids because they hurt kid's health; obesity, muscle pain, aggressive behavior, lack of Vitamin D, sleep deprivation, and attention problems. Kids would also fail in school. Why would video games be good for kids if school is much more important? Gee, think about it people!

  • No good at all

    Kids need to get outside and do something active. If they do video games all the time soon that will be all that they are used to and they won't want to do any other activity beside play their video games all the time. Therefore kids do not need video games

  • My mom died

    It wasnt long before a man came through the screen punching my mom . 1 like = 1 prayer Then he killed 1000 people with a MCnugget. Sanic also i heard from a school story my friends brother was playing sanic when he came out of the screen and punched his brother and came up to him saying gatta go fest

  • No no no

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  • Video games are a no-no.

    Video games are bad 'cause it causes poor eyesight,overeating,and it's not good for your health. Some people said that education games are good for kids,think again,hon!There is teachers and books everywhere ,(not really everywhere,I suppose,but do you get what i'm trying to describe?)so I suppose you can improve your reading or math or English,etc skills by read more books and learn new things.

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