• There are a few reasons

    They improve your mood. These games can improve your mood, Problem solving skills and creativity. They teach you to think fast, Persevere, Recognise patterns and enhance hand- eye coordination skills. Also, They teach you teamwork and risk taking ( which is maybe not so good). Video games are good.
    By Anon

  • Scientist stated that it can help your eyesight

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  • More Like Bore: Ragnarok

    First off is decision making. Gamers who play action video games make faster decisions, a useful skill for something like driving where making a quick choice is necessary.

    Interactive games can stimulate learning, allowing people to experience curiosity and challenge that stimulates learning. There is the opportunity to develop skills, or practice challenging or extraordinary activities, such as flight simulators, or simulated operations.

    Next is improved (not worsened) eyesight.

    Have your parents ever said something like "you're going to wreck your eyes playing that for to long" or "you're gonna get square eyes" well like come on there's no way video games make eyesight better right? Well yes it can put strain on your eyes if you play for to long but listen to this.

    During a study in 2009, expert action gamers played first-person shooting games like "Unreal Tournament" and "Call of Duty" and all those kind of games. While non-experienced gamers played "The Sims 2." The people playing the first person shooter games got a boost in their "contrast sensitivity," or the ability to sense incredibly subtle changes in the brightness of an image. One of the first of the visual abilities to fade over time, the ability to pick out bright patches is important for tasks like driving at night. Sure that must mean their terrible for people's eyes 😏.

    The study's believe that the activity of finding and aiming at enemies strengthened gamers' eyes. And with bad guys unpredictably popping up, the shooting games also helped players learn to analyze what they see right when it happens. The researchers also believe their study shows the potential of video games particularly action games to serve as an aid in the way we can correct bad eyesight. Do you still think that games are bad for your eyes.

    Brain scans have showed that when you play video games the most active path in your brain is the rewards system, which is associated with motivation, determination and goal setting in the hippocampus which is the part of your brain associated with your learning and memories. These are parts of the brain that won't activate when people suffer from depression. So video games can help fight depression. Not only that but spacious complex puzzle games such as portal actually train the mind. Amazing isn't it.

    Oh! You thought I was done well not even close.

    There was a test where 171 college students trained 30 minutes a day, half playing 3D games the others playing 2D games. Those who played 3D immersive games actually improved their memory. 2D games did no better on the memory test than the others subjects. Now you're probably thinking whoa I should play more video games so I can get smarter if you do remember this next paragraph.

  • Video games help with relieving stress

    When people play games they they take their stress out on the game instead of real people also when people play games they are having fun and having fun also reduces stress and when you have less stress you tend to be more happy so if you are trying to take away video games you going to make people more miserable

  • It depends what game you play

    There are certain games in the world that are both bad and good. Violent or calm. Depending on the game you chose that is the game that will effect you. You can either get a game that you can learn off and use it in the real world or a game that makes you aggressive. Chose your games wisely.

  • Video games can help with eyesight, strategy, reflex and problem solving

    I conducted an experiment and 20 out of 25 video game players have faster reflexes then non-video game players! Game websites like abc mouse helps kids learn the skills they need for kindergarten. Video games also help get anger out because you cant scream at your mom but you can scream at your Xbox

  • They are educational

    They give kid imagination and They help when kids are stressed out and when they need a fun break they can go to video games and it helps the end. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • People tend to misjudge things

    People who play video games have many advantages over normal people, like better hand-eye coordination, quicker reaction time, and even though some people get hurt playing video games from time to time, it is more of because they overly stress out their hands or other related body parts when they become professionals.
    And those reports that violence in video games make people violent? NO SCIENTIFIC PROOF!

  • They are good for you!!! (and im not in this!!!)

    Games are good for you because you can concentrate on something, and you can work with your thumbs. There are also achievements that you can get on the PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam. They can be goal settings. Games can also be entertaining; such as the Call of Duty franchise, Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, and some other games. There cool, and they can be really fun. Video games are good for collecting, and there are endless possibility for video games. Try them, there actually really fun, its much better to do than playing board games, or playing sports. Not only that however, you also have online, which you can play with your friends, and you can also make a group chat, and talk with your friends. It's new tech!!! I have a PS4, and me and my friends play Fortnite all day with online, so we can use the mic to contact each other. If you try to say that video games are expensive, then go to a retro video game store and buy some games there. It's like only $4.99 per game! You can also buy games online and that is much more time saving. So if ya tryna debate my homies or someone else, just use my debate, and ya won't have to worry.

  • Yes they are

    I play all the time and it dose not hurt me or the war games are good for you and call of duty is a good game like element 115 is so cool. Why do you think it is bad you can play and play and play you can not harm people

  • It is wrong

    Video games cause addiction and aggressive behavior and if u say I'm wrong I would gladly c u prove it also Video games can hurt or damage eyesight. CHEW ON THAT so go ahead prove that ur right and I'm wrong but u can not do that no matter what.

  • ADDICTION lol pls

    Gaming causes addiction, therefore people will ignore there work or studies to game. There are also some cases when people killed each other due to too much gaming. Although you can say that it's fun, and it improves your decision making skills, etc. But you can just play board games as it is fun and is far more educational.

  • Not good, but still entertaining.

    This is kind of a difficult question to answer, so I will go with the most logical answer. Video games are, to me, are similar to fast food. They are a luxury, that aren't really needed or good for you, but still nice to enjoy every once in a while.

  • NO THEY AREN'T: Age Limit

    There is a reason for the age limits on certain movies, just like there is a certain age limit on most video games. They know that they are teaching the wrong things to people and don’t want kids who are too little to get a hold of them. But most of the time they will anyways, even if they are just watching dad or big brother playing them it is still influencing them to act that way.

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  • NO Don't play VIDEO GAMES

    You could get blinded by video games if you play to much. Your eyeballs will burn and you'll have to get glasses and never take them off unless you'll need to shower and go to sleep. Mostly everyone in my family has glasses. If you don't play that many video games you don't really need glasses.

  • NO Don't play VIDEO GAMES

    You could get blinded by video games if you play to much. Your eyeballs will burn and you'll have to get glasses and never take them off unless you'll need to shower and go to sleep. Mostly everyone in my family has glasses. If you don't play that many video games you don't really need glasses.

  • Does not improve eyesight it will burn your eyeballs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You really think that video games will help you? YOUR WRONG!! Screens will hurt your eyes and you will have to get glasses and it may help you with concentration but it will still harm your brain and burn your eyes and will harm eyesight and may blind you!! I have a friend who is a victim of video games, she played a lot even though her parents say no and now her eyesight is quite bad and she can't see that well any more and she still young!!! Video games hurt your eyes no matter what, it will hurt you and take up your brain space and you may forget things.

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