• Video games are an interactive medium

    It is one of the most unique mediums we have. It is a largely untapped resource for learning and development. Studies have shown that children learn largely by trial and error, so playing is actually highly critical for their development.
    Video games can help develop motor skills and even surgeons use them to refine their skills. They can also help develop hand-eye coordination and reaction time (first person shooter games have been known to help develop quick reaction time)
    And of course, they are seriously entertaining!
    But like I said, they are a relatively new medium, and one of the few mediums that is seriously interactive. It is a widely untapped learning tool. It would be interesting to see what developments will be made for future games. Although I wouldn't entirely consider it a game, some websites have interactive sites for studying/learning, like Quizlet.
    When I was learning a second language, I found games really helpful. It was different from reading, or from listening to tapes. Games allowed you to put your knowledge to practice. It could actually challenge you, which is helpful when you are lacking someone with the skills or patience to teach you a language.
    I would really like to see games used in school in the future. I think the current school system has this idea that production and fun can't co-exist. I think students will feel motivated to learn when they can interact and make choices.
    When are the most memorable lessons in school? Does anyone ever remember the specific NOTE you copied from an overhead in school? You know what I remember? Interacting. I remember dissecting a pig. I remember when our sex ed class demonstrated "chemical sex" (When exchanging liquid in beakers represented sex, and the whole class was asked to exchange liquid..And later our beakers were tested with a chemical, and if it turned pink, it represented an STD. Our teacher told us that before any liquids were exchanged, only one beaker had the "STD". The simulation was amazing, and insightful). Any of those interactive classes were a breath of fresh air.

  • Video games are helpful in our lives,

    There are many video games like PS4, GTA, Call of Duty, League of Legends and these games are very attractive and violent so many people worry that it might make us violent or stupid. It is true that it's violent or bad for our lives but some parts of video games are good like we feel exciting and happy when we play games and we can reduce stress. Also some video games are used for army to train solider. However I think video games are good and if you have another opinions please reply it.

  • The benefits of gaming

    Well, although video games may alter the time usage of many young people and get them addicted so that they are spending day and night playing, they have their benefits and qualities. Video Games develop social skills for you interact with people you have never really met. You befriend them and you develop connections. They also train your integrity. In video games, when you lose, you normally don't give up. You play it again repetitively until you have completed the round or level. This trains people for the real world. In many cases, the people that fail to do something in life will forget about the trial and move on, and possibly miss the opportunity once presented to them. A person with gamer qualities will try again until he succeeds. This is a very useful attitude to have. Video games also increase your reaction time and your decision making, especially first person shooters. They train your reaction time immensely. The faster they pull the trigger when they see an enemy, the more points they gain. Decision making is developed on nearly very video game there is, especially MOBAs such as league of legends. The player must make decisions based on their speed and their potential such as the decision wether he should help in another part of the game or not. There are menu more benefits but those are the primary ones that I will point out.

  • Yes they are we get good communication skills

    Communication is key in work when you get older and when you talk to your friends or a person just playing you dont know eachother and need to work together and get a common goal and in work you might not know and you need to work together but you learned from video games and talking to people and even if you don't like the person you are working with you learned in games that working with someone you don't like, you still put your differences away and finish the game working together

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  • It is just helpful

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  • They give meh head aches bruuu

    When i play video games i get sucked into that virtual worlds. From roblox to minecraft to fortnight i jus think they give meh teerrrrrrrrrrrible head aches and suck meh into the game i could play for like 5 hours and it would feel like im playing for 10 minunets

  • Video games are bad

    When i play mine craft i get terrible nightmares and head aches also once i start playing i cant stop so video games are bad and addicting. Video games pull you in and trap you and u cant get out . Trust meh i love playing games but they are addicting

  • No they are entertainment

    I do not think video games are helpful to our lives. I don't think they are negative eitehr if used correctly. I think video games are meant for entertainment purposes and are fun for certain people. If we didn't have them we would simoly find another way to entertain ourselves.

  • They are neither good or bad.

    While I think that video games are a great form or entertainment, I don't believe that they are good or bad for our lives. They are a good pastime, but other than taking up our time, they don't offer the benefits that hobbies such as sports would. In saying that, I don't believe that it has and bad points either.

    Whilst video games are enjoyable, they aren't exactly helpful in any way to the average person.

  • Video games are not helpful at all.

    Video games may alter the time usage of many young people and get them addicted so that they are spending day and night playing. Some kids are doing bad school work because of video game. Children only focus on video and not any other thing. For example, some kids had a very good grade and after playing video games he did bad on his school work.

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