Are video games responsible for the Sandy Hook massacre?

  • Video game is a killing simulation

    You people on the "No" side said video game is not to blame on the sandy hook shooting ??Well yes partly i agree that is also because of his mental illness of the young man but video game isn't innocent because it can negatively influence our brain including reducing self control and empathy.

  • Yes,video game is to blame

    Many school shooter has admit themselve that before they commit massacre they have been trained it before usually through video game or other form of media violence.Sandy hook shooting was one of the most terrible and cruel mass shooting in america next from virginia shooting.Video game is to blame,it's bad.

  • No! Stop looking for scapegoats!

    Video games was not the reason why we had the Sandy Hook massacre. The young man had a mental problem and no amount of video games or lack of video games was going to change that. It's time we stop this madness and address the true problem here, America's mental health hospitals and services are amongst the worst in the world! Until we fix that problem, these shooting will not stop!

  • No,not at all

    Did you know that adam lanza spend more time on non-violent games than on violent games.According to police investigation report says that he wasn't actually a typical FPS shooting games fan.He like games such as Dance to dance revolution more than the violent one,and that was his favorite games.Yes stop.

  • Sandy hook was a hoax

    Go to veteranstoday.Com top ten reasons why sandy hook was an elaborate hoax. There were tweets sent out days before the shooting "happened" . There was a Facebook page "R.I.P Victoria soto" set up December 10-4 day's before the shooting and there was a guy in the woods outside where Adam supposedly parked his car and where Adam had entered the school yelling "I didn't do it" before anyone knew what happened.

  • Of course not!

    Video games are completely not the reason! Any gamers hates it when the "six year old kid" gets in their game. Now, you don't see those kids going on murder sprees, do you? While they may show people violent things, those aren't going to have people go "hey, that's a good idea, I should do that!" The whole idea of video games being responsible is unreasonable.

  • It was mental illness that was responsible.

    The reason the massacre occurred was because a man walked into a building and shot a lot of people. He most likely committed this atrocity because of mental illness. If he had been identified and treated then the incident may have been prevented. The best and easiest way to prevent these would be to provide better mental health treatment.

  • No, video games are not responsible for the Sandy Hook massacre.

    It is easy to put the blame on games or music when a tragedy occurs, but the simple fact is, the only one responsible for the Sandy Hook massacre is the shooter. It has nothing to do with the fact that the boy came from a divorced family or played video games> he was a very troubled young man to start with. He went to the school with an agenda. he made the choice to pull the trigger.

  • They are not

    Video games are not to blame for a damaged deranged mind murdering innocent people. Before video games there were evil psychopaths and if there's ever a time after video games there will still be bad people. In fact some of the worst people to ever live lived before video games from ivan the terrible and hitler to stalin and mao zedong.

  • Hilarious question to ask, because it's obviously not true.

    I've been looking around for this type of question to ask, so I can blantly respond NO. It's funny how books and news reports associate video games with shootings and violent conducts. Guys on the Pro side, I can bet most of you play video games, and fps. I know I do. Everyone on the Neg side probably do to. Probably everyone talking on debate.Org has had some experience with games in their lifetime. Then, books or news reports have ONE GUY who happens to have a MENTAL ILLNESS, and also happens to PLAY VIDEO GAMES. Ooh, shocker! He killed a bunch of people! Let's completely disregard the illness MESSING WITH HIS MIND and focus on the video games that caused him to GRAB A GUN and mindlessly start killing people. ONE person. Out of, what, the 4 BILLION people who play video games? Sure, maybe video games increase temper and anger levels. But blaming them for a shooting from a guy with a mental illness? Hilariously dumb. I don't see why anyone would actually believe a video game could cause that extreme of an occurance. Not saying it's not possible, but this is one of the only times where a COINCIDENCE actually takes place.

  • Oh good grief.

    Are video games going to be to blame for everything that goes wrong? Thats like saying ww2 was hitlers fault because he played call of duty. Last I checked video games did not exist then. Maybe he played games, but it isn't the fault of the games he was playing.

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