Are video games the most unique form of entertainment?

Asked by: AttilaJP
  • Some have art while others, not so much.

    Video games were first revealed back in 1971 with the famous game Pong on the "first" console Atari and it proved that future games would serve potential to become more appealing to young children but then in the 1980's when Super Mario Bros came out in 1985 on the NES, it appealed to the young families of America and ever since then Video Games have become a mainstream of Entertainment for all ages due to the 1990's when Mortal Kombat came out and the mature content proved to the origin of the ESRB and appealing to a much older and matured audience.So in a sense of a way, yes Video games are the most unique form of entertainment because some appeal to others and some are in a form of artistic relation with either the graphics,gameplay,and the sense of enjoyment.

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  • I'd say yes.

    I'd say yes, or if not yet, they definitely have the potential to be.

    When comparing them to other contemporary forms of entertainment such as books, movies, tv shows, or music, many games already combine most, if not all of the elements that those mediums can offer; a narrative, characters, a world, music, and imagination.

    However, what I think video games do to push the medium further is offer two other distinct elements that those of the above cannot; the element of decision-making, and the element of interactivity.

    For this reason, I'd say video games definitely have greater potential to be the most unique medium.

  • What about Life?

    Video games are entertaining because they allow the user to feel as if they are in the world of the video game. However, there is one other medium of entertainment that everyone has experienced. Real life. Instead of through a screen, real life allows people to fully experience the world as video games have attempted to simulate for a long time.

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