• Yes they are

    You might want say the new need for speed. They don't bring it out on alpha but instead they put it out there for a whopping £40+ and the kids that want it will probably go off of the video game by the time they have saved all of there money. So what is the point? The point is that they are losing money for no reason because there prices are to high

  • Concoles And Games Are Too Expensive

    I believe that the game consoles and the games are far too expensive. I realize that these systems take a lot of work and money to develop, and I realize the games are just as complicated, but after watching my boyfriend purchase Ghost for $60 and then beat it in a day and a half, I have to say the price is far too high.

  • Yes they are.

    Video games are too expensive they cost a whole lot and than barely deliver now a days on a replay factor or something that actually makes the game last. The graphics have improved over time but lately the game play in these video games do not justify the prices they set them at.

  • What you should've said is "Are all these 'bad games' worth the trouble of buying

    Because almost all of the new games are too expensive and dull and boring and repetitive, just like the last few words. They are way too expensive, and you can see what's coming within a milicsecond of playing a bad game, you KNOW when it's a bad game once you boot it up.

  • They are too much

    Really all games should be like 20 30 dollars not 50 60 dollars! If I want to get a game I have to save up money for a year. I don't have any new or good games because of the prices. The game that I have I got for Christmas or from my grandma. So yes i think that video games cost too much and should be lowered.

  • Gaming is to expensive

    When you add everything up u pay 2400$ a year on average for just 5 games not including dlcs exclusive bonus items and ect now 2400$ is the initial start up cost with 5 games and internet at say 50$ a month that also includes your 60$ service fee to play online with most systems

  • Video games are too expensive.

    As a loving caring parent of an spoilt child who spends a fortune on fortnite battle royale and clash of clans,I think they should be cheaper as my wallet is empty because of these games. Why do games need to be more expensive these days. Why don't kids just buy them themselves.

  • No they are not too expensive

    Video games are a bit expensive when they come out but I don't think they are too expensive. You can play them for a long time and if you don't want to pay the large price for them you can find them used or wait till the price goes down over time.

  • A drug-like system

    If you want a constant stream of fun, you need a constant stream of money. Each game might sate your entertainment desires for a few months, but then you need to pay another 60 dollars for another few months of entertainment. The current system is like drugs, but cheaper and longer-lasting.

  • To much money

    I think videogames are too expensive because when new games come out they are 50 to 60 dollars and some people just can’t afford them so in my words I think all of the store in the world that have games should drop the price to 10 or 20 dollars. Also if you get a system for your birthday your parents are most like are only going to get you one games but if it 10$ your parents can get you 5 games for the price of one know.ANother reason is if you want to get the game but you don’t have the money people wait 2 to 3 years to get the game for the right amount of money it can be worth it but all of your friend or family will have it and you won’t be able to play with them. Another reason is some of the times when you get it in a week or so a new addition of the game will come out and no one will have the old one any more. For example if you just got Madden 16 and just a few later MAdden 17 came out and all of your friends don’t play anymore they will play the new addition of the game without you when you just got the other game to play

  • Wowcha girl scopar

    They e me life coz its is my life that makes the games life come true so they not as expensive i may talk weird but who cares a lid=fe is a game and my lifes is connectided to life of the gaming boy lol get rekt no scopers pls

  • With the cost and experience of modern games? HELL NO!

    Everyone here complaining about $60 games makes me laugh, in Canada as I type this (January 2016), big hit games are $69.99 to $79.99 +tax since our $$ dropped to $0.709 US

    And as for defending their costs, how much was Skyrim when it came out? It was $59.99...
    And how much did it cost to develop the game?
    3.5 years and $85 MILLION to make/advertise
    All big hit AAA games cost a bare minimum of $40 million to make and sell.

    Anyways you get the point, they want their money back, and yes we all agree they make profits back 10+ fold sometimes, but that just insures the next installment will have an equal or better budget to be even better (well not always).
    And it's the SAME thing as anything else in the electronics world;
    you want that new 50" 4K tv that just came out? You'll pay $1000 and next year I will buy it on sale for $700.
    You want that new 1TB SSD samsung just released? You'll pay $450 and next year I will buy it on sale for $350.
    You want Fallout 4 for $59.99? Next year I will buy it on sale for $39.99, or wait yet another year and pay $29.99 or even $19.99 depending on its success.
    You get the picture, YOU vote with YOUR wallet, don't like the price? Don't buy it, it WILL drop eventually. I myself don't buy nearly any game at full price, unless I REALLY love the series like I do the GTA series, the only game I always buy at release and I've yet to regret paying full price :)

  • Video game prices have stagnated or have kept on pace.

    Video game prices have stagnated over the last couple of years. If you consider the rate of inflation of the US Dollar, it in fact has become cheaper than ever for people to purchase video games. There are several articles to read demonstrating how the rate of inflation can put costs into perspective:

    This article by IGN demonstrates how consoles have been getting cheaper over the years:

    Another example: The first game I can find that ever cost 60 dollars was Gears of War in 2006. If you calculate the rate of inflation of the US dollar from then until now (source:, that would be worth $69.37 now.

    This is why new game purchases will steadily increase in price over time. However, with the advent of the internet and numerous bulk distributors (Amazon, Steam, etc), subsequent sales are also common and very much expected.

    So getting a new game on its first-day release is no more expensive for you than it is now. What has changed is how long you have to wait before you see a sale, and it's much earlier than it was before.

  • Only if you allow them to be.

    Video games are no more expensive than running your child or children to the movies and buying drinks, candy and popcorn. At least you have something to show for your money by buying a video game and it's longer durations of entertainment for children and the adults. The games are only expensive if you chose to purchase the really expensive ones. You can go to gaming exchange stores to cut down the costs by purchasing used games and trading in games you don't want to play anymore. It's a great way to save money since kids get bored really quick and new games are always coming out. There's no point in paying $40 - $80 & up for one video game that later on you aren't going to play anymore.

  • The work alone deserves the price

    The reason video games cost so much is the fact that it takes so long and so many people to make them. Some video games take years to make and a load of people while making a movie or TV program takes about a month of filming and the same for editing. Each and every concept of the video game has to be put through a process of coding, design, implementation and testing and then once everything seems to be ready there has to be weeks of testing every corner of every map and every possibility before the game is shipped out to consumers. Thinking about it this way fully justifies the cost of video games

  • No they are not too expensive

    Video games are a bit expensive when they come out but I don't think they are too expensive. You can play them for a long time and if you don't want to pay the large price for them you can find them used or wait till the price goes down over time.

  • Video games are not too expensive.

    Video games are not too expensive. Video games are not too expensive because of the large amount of work required to make them. There is such a large amount of work that goes into every game, that they are very appropriately priced, and quite often underpriced by gaming companies that are indie.

  • Wait For Secondary Market

    If a new video game is too expensive, then someone can simply wait for the secondary market and buy it used for half off. Video games aren't too expensive because the graphics on new games are fantastic. When console prices come down because of competition, the platform has to make money somehow with the sales of video games.

  • Key word: inflation

    Adjusted for inflation, the price of video games today is less than it was when the XBox 360 and PS3 came out. Over those years, inflation has actually been greater than the price hikes (I don't have my calculations anymore) to the point that games now are actually about 10%-20% cheaper.

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