• Playing a game is like reading a book, watching a movie, attending a performance.

    Artwork has been enjoyed by humans for hundreds of years, video games is just another form of storytelling, with a large selection of genres one can go through and appearance of games until something is deeply enjoyed. The deep myth of video games linked to child violence is obscured, always lacking the environment the children were raised in, and what conditions the child was subjected to during their developmental stages including but not limited to physical or mental abuse. Video games are just another medium people use to delve into a world that is not our own, to see the story from the view of one within, exactly how a book functions, only with the added benefit of having visual stimulation.

    People are free to use their time and money on whatever they please, better to use it on a story in a game, than a needle of heroin behind a club.

    Posted by: pH-7
  • They are fine!

    While I'll say some video games AREN'T good, It's up to the parents to ensure their children aren't playing those types of video games. But in general, video games are very good and provide not only entertainment, but some educational value as well. Video games are no better or worse than television.

  • It's time to move past the ridiculous ideas about video games.

    Video games, like any media, can express negative ideas or can be used by specific people in harmful ways. However, they are not overall bad things, and the people who think they are, frankly, tend to not know what they're talking about. Violent video games do not make a person violent if they did not already have those ideas, and video games don't even necessarily have to include any violence at all!

  • Video games are not good.

    Video games seem to be taking over kids lives, and yes, even adults' lives. Children come home from school and (hopefully) do their homework then his the games. Whatever happened to going outside to play? Go ride a bike or go skating. Our children are obese because they don't get out and play anymore. They veg out in front of the screen and kill aliens. They don't have social lives

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  • No, video games take away from better uses to time.

    Video games can become very time consuming for many of those who play them. The loss of valuable study or work time adds up. Other than possible improved hand and eye coordination, it is hard to see what attributes are gained by playing video games. There can also be a level of violence found in some games.

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