• Vigilantes are the bomb.Com

    Vigilantes make the world safer. They don't have to follow the law so they get things done. Vigilante's save peoples lives. Look at batman and the green arrow. They made Gotham and Starling city a better place to live. The crime rates have gone down since they have started. THEY ARE FRICKING AMAZING!!!

  • Justice in your hands.

    Come on, Everyone loves Batman. Vigilantes actually inspire people to do good rather than evil. Furthermore, the police are not always there to protect and serve.Plus, It would give some actual good news for once. Also, some punishments are too small for a crime vigilantes go to the extreme which they should for pedophiles.l

  • No, Stop it.

    Kindness and all that positive shit doesn't always work (and it almost never does. ) What are you going to do, Be nice to someone who has a gun pointed at you? If the police in the area are not doing their job then someone has to do it. I'd rather have someone protecting us than nobody at all. Violence may not be the best option but it is always an OPTION.

  • This form of violence is bad

    There are more effective ways that one can go about getting something done. Vigilantes are just showing something that is not good. Badness with badness is nothing that is good. One should think about things and see if they can come to a better solution. If one is to do this maybe better results will come.

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