• Villains are better

    I think villains are better because they involve more actions. Super Hero's just do the same thing all the time. Find the villain and then defeat them. Whats the fun out of that? On the other hand villains trick the hero's and surprise us with many things. All villains of any movie you can think of, They all have there own style. For example, The joker has green hair and a purple suit, Or maleficent she has a black cape and black horns. Every villain has there own unique way of being evil. Which is way much more interesting than a hero.

  • Villains are better than superheroes.

    I think the bad guys are better than the heroes. The superheroes are not as stylish a villains. Villains have the best costumes and have way cooler gadgets and weapons. Criminals are more fun and keep you on the edge of your seat. Bad guys are way more awesome than superheros.

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