Are violence and the entertainment culture in the U.S. to blame for recent shootings?

  • Yes and it should be obvious to all.

    There is a reason why companies pay millions to place adds to pay for the program being watched. They do studies and test to gauge the impact of their message. It works, it influences people to buy and increases sales. The influence does not stop at the end of the add, depictions of violence including gun violence also has affect. Then, only a few outliers in the human behavior bell curve response brings the ugly reality we will continue to suffer in our communities from time to time.

    Gun violence in entertainment (TV, Movies and video games) is not part of the problem, it is the problem.

  • Yes, violence in the entertainment culture desensitizes us.

    This is hardly a topic that deserves consideration. So many of our avenues of entertainment, whether it be music videos, movies, computer games or simply the evening news, sensationalize violence. Violence has become like a drug that we get increasingly used to up to the point that it has to be bigger and more shocking the next time in order to get our fix. This most recent killing of young children seems as if it should be a wake-up call, but frightening as it seems, it may be a challenge instead to up the ante to something even more extreme. It was apparent that the media was just all over this recent killing and more or less wringing out every last ounce of emotional value.

  • No

    The people create the cultural media, so don't blame the media for the shootings, it's us. We are the people who bully these kids into the snapping point to when they get sick of people they bring guns and shoot the place up. It is also mentally ill individuals that get their hands on weapons and do these evil acts. Banning guns will be the alcohol ban all over again and will solve nothing. History always repeats itself and Mr. President doesn't know this because he is to liberal to see the real answer for the problem. KEEP THE WEAPONS OUT OF THE WRONG HANDS, THAT MEANS CREATE A SYSTEM THAT STOPS MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE FROM PURCHASING ANY FIREARMS. This land desperately needs a savior.

  • Humans are violent.

    Long before there was TV and other media, humans were killing each other. Wars, crusades, assassinations, murders, duels, gladiators, the list of violence keeps going. What's making people violent isn't the media- if anything, violent entertainment gives us an outlet to sate our naturally violent tendencies, and subdue them. What has caused shootings is generally troubled people without proper supervision. All the media has done is shone more light on it, as it has many other things.

  • No, the entertainment culture in the U.S. isn't to blame.

    There is a reason why violence is in our culture. If people are not exposed to violence that is as if an animal isn't used to seeing hostile animals then released into the wild. This is basically the "prohibition" of violence, people will still find a way to include it. If you see families who are not exposed to violence their behavior and way of thought is usually different, not in a good way either. The outside world is different then our neighborhood. Some people do like the rush of violence. If they do not release it into an inanimate system or object they will have to release it on some unsuspecting victim(s). I am not saying add more violence, I am just stating why we have had our little "rush" for generations. If parents want to keep their children away from violence then they should have the option. Media does report the news, but of course now they also want to bring a point across. For instance the Connecticut shooting. The media is around this like a pack of wolves. The man most likely had some problem that wasn't treated or dealt with, it all just exploded to the point where he wanted to kill innocent children. Now the media is bringing up all topics about gun control. So in summary, entertainment and culture is for the U.S. to blame. We need some form of violence in culture for exposure, and media using crazy instances to manipulate the minds of people one way or another.

  • No, entertainment is not to blame for shootings

    Just like the saying guns don't kill people, people kill people, entertainment culture cannot be blamed for the recent shootings in the US. The shootings are much more likely related to the lack of access to proper mental health in this country and the belief that if we ignore the problem it will just go away on it's own.

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