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  • It encourages peoples minds to bad things.

    It encourages people to do the stuff in the games and if a young mind is playing one he kills some and is like "Oh... If i kill my mom, she will survive just like in the game!" It corrupts our young society and they should be bought only for people rated 22+. We need a peaceful society, not a bloodthirsty one.

  • Violent games are bad.

    Violent games are bad for society because they encourage people to behave violently. There are plenty of non-violent games that people can play to have a sense of community and competition. Violent video games are especially bad because they do not represent realistic consequences to violent actions and they make violence seem acceptable.

  • No, violent games aren't bad.

    Violent games allow people to have a stress release. It allows them to do things that they would never do in order to calm down. In fact violent video games may actually reduce violent behavior in some people. This is because it gives them an avenue to do violence without causing anyone injury.

  • Violent Games are not bad.

    The only reason to think that violence games are bad is if people of a younger age are seeing them before they should be. Game makers rate their games for a certain age but it seems that young kids are getting their hands on these games anyways. The real problem are the parents who do not realize what they are getting their kids, then they complain when its too violent for them. If you didn't want your kids to be playing something like that then you should of read the game rating and not bought it for them.

  • Violent Games Are Not Bad

    Violent video games are not a bad a thing. They can offer a form of escapism that some people need from the day to day grind of life. However, that is speaking for adults. Some games should not be available to children. This isn't to say they should be banned, but parents need to take a more active role in what their children are playing.

  • No violant games are not bad at all

    If you are playing a violent game and you take it to far then you are already messed up Before you where playing the game. Its also the parents fault if they are giving there messed up kid a violent game.
    So i think its not needed to let your kid not have a violent game.
    Unless its a kid with a really bad mental dissorder

  • No they are entertainment

    Violent video games are no different then violent shows and movies. They are a form of entertainment and have to be accepted as such. If you take them for more than that you are taking them out of context and turning them bad. In entertainment form violent video games are not bad.

  • People are Bad, Not Games

    Games in and of themselves aren't violent or bad. No one dies when a gun programmed in by a game developer shoots another person and virtual blood splurts out of that person's skull. They are simply electronic images on a television screen. It's people who are desensitized to this stuff and take it too far that are violent and bad. Everything should be done in moderation, including M for Mature video games.

  • It's a complicated issue.

    Video games are a type of entertainment and different types of entertainment might contain some things that are very bad or very violent or demeaning. Some people can filter this as a type of entertainment and not come away from it thinking the things they might see are things to be glorified. I do believe that certain types of people unfortunately do want to emulate bad things and I think that the solution isn't to ban the things, but to get them professional help.

  • As long as the right person is playing.

    Violent video games have been around now for many years, and even though they wil always remain very heavily debated, I don't find them to be necessarily a "bad thing". Video games have always been given respected ratings, such a "T" for teen and "M" for mature, usually meaning 17 and up.

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