• Students think it's an option.

    Yes, violent movies and video games are causing school shootings, because young people see the violent movies and video games, and they think that acting violently is an option. Students lose touch with reality when they see the violence. They do not understand that it is a social aberration to act violently towards others.

  • There is no yes or no option, So here I am.

    Maybe, Maybe not. I think it's not the main root cause of school shootings however. I think it's more people's issues, Childhood, How they were raised. Those are more influential than video games I feel like. I play video games simply to have fun. I don't really think about actually killing people, But hey that's only me.
    Also here's a proverb that I found interesting. "A child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel it's warmth. " (I'm not sure that's the exact wording sorry). Thanks TED talk school shooter guy.

  • People who play these violent games will eventually want to recreate it.

    People don't understand how kids are really easily convinced that a game is not harmful and that they can recreate it in real life and not have any problem with. Then they accidentally kill someone then they go screaming and crying away from the body and telling their parents. This is why kids can't play these games because they will try to recreate them and they will end up killing someone at some point in their life. So keep the games away from your kids until you think they are ready.

  • Yes absolutely it does

    Violent video games is nothing than only a training killing simulation.Most of school shooter has admit that they have been played violent games themselve how could you say video games doesn't pay a role on school shooting at all??Violent video games and movies should be bannes it is very bad.

  • Idiots think its an option.

    People think its right to go around killing people after seeing violence used somewhere in movies, tv shows, and especially video games such at grand theft auto five, call of duty, and many others. Some parents need to watch how their child react to these violent things and how they take on violence.

  • No,just stop scapegoating

    According to the US Secret Service says that 1/8 of all school shooter interest in video game which it is only 12 %.90 % of non violent people interest in video game.Those shooter spend more time on movies,books,and poem than on video game.Video game does not link to violent crime.

  • No violent games and movies are not causing school shootings.

    Violent games and movies are not the cause of school shootings. It has not been reported that students who have committed violent acts in school were motivated by a game or movie. It has not been reported that these students come from violent homes. Studies have shown the students to be subjects of bullying, which led to the violent act.

  • No,just stop searching for scapegoat

    According to the US Secret Service ,they said that only 1/8 of school shooters interest in video game which it is only 12 %.90 % of non-violent people play violent video games.Those school shooter are spend more time on movies,books,and poem .No there is no link between video game and school shooting.

  • Don't be naive

    Video games aren't seen by children as a role model or something to aspire to, they see them as a way out of there troubles. When schools experience shootings, they are quick to point fingers at video games and movies, but they never look at what they did wrong, when they should, because it's there fault. I play violent video games, and have never killed anyone. I have never even as munched as punched someone. We live in a culture of violence, but that isn't the problem. The problem is that people have problems but no one is willing to help them, and it pushes them over the edge.

  • No they are not

    Video games do not cause a person to just for no reason to start shooting people I have been playing video games for almost ten years and I don't have any violent urges, it all depends on the mental state of the person who is doing the shooting and their emotional state.

  • Not at all

    No, they are not at all what is causing the school shootings. I play violent games all of the time and I do not have any violent thoughts at all. It is the person that is doing the shooting, and they have to have a lot wrong with them to do it.

  • No, I don't believe that violent movies and video games are causing school shootings.

    I believe in the vast majority of cases school shootings are caused because an individual often has psychological issues that were not dealt with properly. I don't believe that violent movies and video games really can incentive someone to go shoot up a school because the vast majority of people playing these games can seperate virtual reality from actual reality.

  • No, they are not.

    There are a variety of reasons why school shootings happen. The biggest reason they happen is because kids have access to guns that can mow dozens of people down at a time. Another reason is psychological. Most of these kids aren't psychopaths. They dealt with trauma that sent them over the edge.

  • Politicians just need an excuse

    Many Governors and Mayors are blaming violent video games for the mass school shootings, when there are so many other factors. Instead of focusing on gun control, or giving time to understand these children, they blame it on something that is easy to control. Many kids use video games as a stress reliever, and taking that away might cause a stress build up. That could lead up to even more school shootings. I believe that it comes down to what parents have taught their children. Every kid is different, so we can't blame shootings on a slim common factor.

  • Basic Common Sense

    Someone goes and shoots people at a school and it just happened that they played violent video games and everyone scapegoats the games. The studies claiming there is a correlation between violence and violent video games are totally irrational. Firstly, there are HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people who play violent video games, and how many of them are high school shooters? One? Two? Three? Such a TINY fraction is NOT a correlation and whoever says it is, is being completely irrational and illogical.

    Also, video games don't cause any kind of violence anyway. Normal people play the game but they don't think "In this game you get to shoot people, now let's go shoot people in real life!" or anything like that. People can tell the difference between real life and a game, and if a person becomes violent and plays violent video games it is because the person was already violent to begin with.

    Posted by: Cub

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