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  • Computer games are bad for us.

    You will have no time to study and you will have a bad result on your exam. If you play twenty-four hours a week computer games your eyes will be blind. They will not understand what is computer games because they always play on online. I hope every body will agree.

  • Desensitizes Us to Violence

    Violent video games are both good and bad. On the one hand, it's better to take out aggression in a video game than to hit your wife and kids. On the other hand, violent video games can desensitize kids to real violence later on in life. The brain doesn't know what images are real or fake--to the visual cortex, they are all the same. Seeing a bloody corpse in Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty is just as effective as seeing a shooting in Gangland USA. It's all violence, just the same.

  • They cause you to violent and cause you do hurt others or yourslef

    They cause you to violent and cause you do hurt others or yourslef. They cause you to violent and cause you do hurt others or yourslef. They cause you to violent and cause you do hurt others or yourslef. They cause you to violent and cause you do hurt others or yourslef. They cause you to violent and cause you do hurt others or yourslef. They cause you to violent and cause you do hurt others or yourslef.

  • Read a book insted

    Books in crease sight and they make you smarter. Video games make you violent, they cost money, ruin friendships,cause diseases like dementia, depression,and Alzheimer's (if you do not know what those mean READ A BOOK) ,people spend up to a thousand dollars a year on video games.Even one hour a day is bad for you so read for 3 hours a day

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    Violence in video games has desensitised today’s youth. What I mean by this is we aren't surprised or shocked when someone gets smacked because we see people get smacked all the time in video games. For example back in the 1950’s some people thought the comic book Superman was very violent and was bad for boys. Now people think Superman is teaching boys heroics and service to mankind. As you can see people get used to violence over time, so what used to be violent is not so violent any more. This can get so extreme that people aren't sad or shocked when someone gets shot with a gun because they shoot people in video games all the time. When people see violence they get used to it and they are OK with it; and video games have lots of violence.

    Violence in video games has made us more prone to do violent things. Computer people have a phrase Garbage in Garbage out (GIGO). What this means is if you put garbage (mesed up equations and bad programing)in a computer that computer will give you exactly what you put in back out again. Our brains work the same way, we see violent things we will do violent things. This might remind you of “Monkey see Monkey do.” Violence in video games can be monkey see monkey do. As you play violent video games you get so used to seeing violence that you begin to think more violently. When kids pretend play they play all the violence they have seen in video games. When someone gets mad they may act violently like they have seen in video games.

    Violence in video games is blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. When a young child sees or plays a violent video game they see the people coming back to life. Then the kid thinks “Oh if I shoot someone they will just come back to life.” This is not true. The kid doesn’t realize that if you shoot someone they won't come back to life. Kids do this because they don't clearly see the line between fantasy and reality. They don’t see the line between fantasy and reality because their brains are still developing. This can get confusing to kids because different things happen in a video game and other things happen in reality.

    Yes, others may say that people can be taught that they shouldn't do the violent things that they see in video games. It can really hurt someone. Parents could help children see that video games are fake not real. However when people are mad they forget what they are taught. They will do things that they shouldn’t do. If they have seen the violence in video games they could do the violent things that they have seen when they are mad.

  • Violent video games are inherently bad for you.

    There are many reasons why violent video games are bad for a person.They may exacerbate the mood of someone who is already irritated and actually make them feel worse.They also set a bad example for children who are impressionable and are not yet able to fully understand the ramifications of their decisions.

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  • Violent video games

    According to a University of Rochester study, shooting bad guys in video games can unexpectedly give you better vision.

    In the 2009 study, expert action gamers played first-person shooting games like "Unreal Tournament 2004" and "Call of Duty" while non-experienced action gamers played "The Sims 2." Those playing the shoot-'em-up games saw a boost in their "contrast sensitivity function," or the ability to discern subtle changes in the brightness of an image. Considered one of first of the visual aptitudes to diminish over time, the ability to pick out bright patches is key to tasks like driving at night.

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  • Kill yourself NOW

    I may sound umempathetic, I may sound mean and rude, suicide is an epidemic, and I dont wanna be misconstrued, signs of depression go overlooked, so if you're feeling depressed, you need to book a therapy session, talk about your depression, let a professional hear it, but if you search for, moral wisdom, in Katy Perry's lyrics, then KILL YOURSELF! It'll only take a minute, and you'l be happy that you did it. KILL YOURSELF, if you give a little kiss to an oncoming train, you'll KILL YOURSELF. It's over, mull it, there's a trigger pull it, get it through your head, "IT" being a bullet!

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  • They DO NOT make you violent.

    A LOT of people play video games, but the media only portrays the people who commit violent crimes and try to put the blame on video games. Anyone with a normal brain can differentiate between real life violence and video game violence. Nearly the whole world play violent video games and watches violent movies, but few share the violence that America has. People need to realize that they will never get anywhere blaming video games as it is not the core problem. Every human has a bit of violence in them, so it is better that they take it out on pixels rather than real life.

  • They DO NOT make you violent.

    A LOT of people play violent video games, but the news only show you the very small amount of people who commit violent acts and tries to put the blame on video games. However, people play video games all over the world, but very few share the violence that America has. That means that the core problem with violence is not video games. Any normal functioning brain can differentiate real life violence and video game/movie violence.
    Please watch:

  • Video Games do not make you violent

    Children have the ability to discern the difference between fantasy and reality. No children should not be playing rated M games (and it's annoying to the adult players), but violent video games in general really don't have much of an effect on peoples over all violent behavior. Of course, if it were the case that video games make you a violent person, then all the gamer geeks should be all muscular and violent, but no. They are skinny/fat neckbeards who at worst would probably troll you on the internet.

  • This has gotta be obvious, guys.

    What the serious hell? The brain is a magnificent object not even the top scientists of today understand. Even a small child can diffrentiate between a real image and a fake one IN MILLISECONDS. And if the violent aspects of shooters carry over into real life, why don't the less violent ones have an effect? How many people go and become construction workers and laborers after playing minecraft? How many people have broken bones from jumping around after playing a parkour game like Tomb Raider? None. Watch the movie They Live and the first episode of Star Trek TNG - that's what our media's becoming.

  • Violent Video Games Aren't Bad!

    Violent video games don't specifically make someone go out and kill masses of people. Study shows that they may affect your mood but in no way shape or form make you violent. You may be verbally abusive, or even just get angry when you are told to get off. After 10 minutes you would probably cool off.

    It seems that violent game do affect sleep and the more you play games, when a study was conducted by the Times. They tested children ranged from 3-6 they discover when the children played normal Video Games, such as sport and puzzle games didn’t affect sleep of the children, but when children played violent game the child’s sleep was affected and they started having nightmares.

    Some people believe that mass shooting and murders have been cause by the person playing violent game, but that might not be correct because when BBC conducted as experiment were children played violent game’s and non-violent games, they discovered that children that had played an game that was new to them and they pushed the wrong control they got aggressive even if it wasn’t a violent game.This proves that all games can cause

    It turns out that boys are more affected by violent video games than girls. On average boys spend 13 hours a week play violent video games and girls spend about 5 hours a week. Girls are also often less attracted to competitive games such as call of duty, and battlefield. Girls usually preferred games with social interactions.

    The age group that is affect most seems to be averaged from 11 - 19. Study shows that this age group becomes more aggressive after playing violent video games than any other age group. Most boys play on an average of 13 hours a week (Girls, 5 hours a week). The effects on this age group include: becoming more aggressive, are more prone to confrontation with their teachers, engaging in fights with their peers, and seeing a decline in school achievements.

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