• The games affect the brain

    The games that kids play are rated m for 18 and up for a reason. They can be addictive and they can make you more aggressive towards others. I think that they should stop making the games period so kids will not be affected. Many kids who are younger than 10 years play these games. It's not right.

  • Yes, they are dangerous.

    Yes, I believe that violent video games are dangerous, particularly for people who are not mentally stable. Video games in general are designed to be addictive - and the more someone plays these addictive and violent video games, the more likely I think they are to become violent and want to commit terrible crimes.

  • Violent video games.

    Violent games ruined my child and many more, now my child is a bully at the nearest public school. He is the worst also in school. He's had to change teachers many times just this year. He comes home and he just sulks until I let him play Halo or Call Of Duty, whatever he plays and he has the worst attitude.
    There is no way to solve this, I am very worried for my son.

  • Yes, they are.

    There are plenty of games out there that are harmful to a child’s development. Violence allows them to believe that aggressive behavior is acceptable. The simple fact is that since video games are interactive, they put the player into the game in which they participate in a variety of virtual crimes. Not only that but, harmful effects can come from playing for excessive amounts of time and in that time can cause several health issues.
    Video games like this are consistently being swept off of the shelves and into the hands of our children on a daily basis. Video games that involve shooting other human beings in a war settings, shooting helicopters with passengers on board and shooting dogs in order to further your progress in the game. To make matters worse, in the best-selling video game “Call of Duty: Black Ops II,” there are a several dogs that have bombs strapped to them. Other video games, such as Grand Theft Auto require the player to participate in drug deals in order to further your progress in the game. The subliminal message that is being sent out to our children is that in order to get somewhere that you want to go, drug trafficking is the answer. In December of last year, there was a mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut where a young man ended the lives of more than a dozen helpless children. When his house was searched, the police found his mother’s body along with his precious collection of Grand Theft Auto video games.
    When children play video games for excessive amounts of time, it often has harmful effects.When the average video game playing child comes home from school, unless being told to do so they will often go straight for their video games. Before they know it, they haven’t done any of their homework and they haven’t played outside with other children their age. Not only that, but they also have no homework to turn in. Now, imagine if this was becoming a repeating process for your child and this was their lifestyle, everyday after school for several weeks that turns into months. This child will have most likely had fallen behind in school and probably not have many friends besides the ones that can be contacted my XBOX Live or any other networking device installed in a console. The language that is exchanged is often curse words and crude threats. Now, put into consideration that these video games were produced with the intent of being for adults, so the majority of people that play these games are adults. At this point in this child’s life, with an unfortunate combination of having lack of sleep and lack of social skills imagine how this child may react when he or she has a confrontation with another student or even an administrator at school.

  • Yes, they can be.

    Violent video games have the potential of being very dangerous when in the wrong hands. A person who is easily influenced by their surroundings should not be playing a video game that has a lot of violence in it. It also should not be used by young kids without parental guidance, or those with mental health issues without reasonable guidance.

  • Affect your mental health

    Violent video games can be dangerous in many ways; the can be scary, Dangerous to your mental health and, In the case of Fortnight, Can cause addiction. They can make the innocent bully others, And can make them want to vandalise, Steal and maybe even kill. Therefor, They (the violent video games) are dangerous

  • Bad For you

    I believe that kids are not getting play in and whenever I asked my brother he would say no playing video games. And when they are violent they may cause a negative effect on him and that worries me because violent video games can affect him and others. No more violent video games.

  • Yes I agree

    They cause several deaths as well as being bad influences to children. A few things include anxiety,depression, poor relationships with family. Begin use of alcohol and drug use. Obesity is a big thing as well as the risk of convulsions. While it could improve hand and eye coordination it can cause strain and numbness. So yes I agree!

  • Bad for health

    It is bad for your health because it causes real life problems and you can go to jail and who play these kind of games i mean there fun and all but they could make you become more violent and soon you can get afraid of civilization and go insane. I REST MY CASE (drop the mike)

  • The real danger from playing video games.

    Playing games can actualy improve your skills in knowledge and problemsolving. So we know the have impact. The real downside of the developing of the games is that the topics are not comparising to real life. But you are educated by the games, the language and social behaviour become one of your knowledge. Second problem is that your brain is stimulated for completing an mission weldone. But you didnt get the excersize, you aint a secret agent and do not have the body to it. You grow fat by sitting on your fat ass. But your brain is telling you that you have worked hard. Most hardcore gamers are fat at 30. And have severe body damage. But they can sit and play all day, without an proper bloodcirculation. So are games dangerous, you bet your ass. They need very good parenting guiding to become not dangerous.

  • They are not to blame

    Whoever said they are bad, should find a hole, throw yourself in it and die. A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A A

  • Video games are not Dangerous...

    They are not because I have a little sister and some other friends that play violent games and they have played them since I met them which was in third grade and they are not harmful to others and its you who choose to do your own actions to other people and play bad video games and its also parents who let kids play them so we need better parents and parenting. Choose what YOU want to do with your life be good or bad,don't blame it on video games.

  • Video games are not really addicting.

    Many people blame video games but nobody actually blames video the person think that the persons hurt themselves or others and say that it was video games fault when eel down inside it was another cause.I personally play about 2 to 3 hours on a daily basis and I am perfectly fine.

  • No, many studies prove this.

    There are many studies that show that juvenile crimes have decreased, s if violent video games would affect they would go up instead of down. Also, many of the world´s safest countries have large incomes of video
    game sales, wich means they have more money for better police and security

  • Nope They Aren't.

    Violent video games aren't dangerous! The people that have problems and act out violently are of a small number who do not know the difference between the game and real life. In video games you are killing PIXELS! Computer generated images. I play several games and Im not a violent person. I have a friend who's played shooters and violent games since she was young and she's a very nice person. So no. Violent video games are not dangerous.

  • No they are not

    Violent video games are not dangerous nor do they add to a culture or climate of violence. The research has shown this is not the case over and over again, but little Tipper Gore's who are offended by this kind of content want to wish it were so so they could censor such material.

  • No, but they do contribute.

    Playing violent video games will not make you become a ruthless, violent, bloodthirsty killer. However, in saying that, it could contribute to kids/adults having violent outbursts or mood swings. Unless you are a lazy, chip-munching slob, I’m sure you do other things besides sit down and play violent video games. We do things like sport, social interaction and other activities. Those things we do aren't violent. In conclusion, playing violent video games may contribute a small part to violent acts but balanced out with other activities it will not cause a violent massacre.

  • They shouldn't be.

    If you're mature enough to fully understand the concept of a videogame and that you should not attempt to recreate anything from inside the game, you will not become a "criminal" from playing. I've played GTA for some time and, though I personally dislike those games, I'm not thinking of being violent anytime soon. Not now, not ever. It just depends on the person. If you are afraid that someone you know will change their behaviour from a video game for whatever reason, help them avoid it. Easy as that.

  • No, people have been violent long before video games even were a figment of a person's imagination.

    I think of video games as an actual stress reliever. In a violent video game you can take out your anger on AI who are not actual people, they are just many pixels made to look like a human. There is no harm in those games. Some violent video games are meant to show violence is bad and some glorify violence like Call of Duty which makes war a heroic and needed thing in every situation.

  • Video games are not dangerous

    Just think in today's time, is it really dangerous? There are so many people that are playing violent video games, whether it be CoD or Street Fighter, compared to those to have committed crime. The ones that are dangerous and go out and actually perform these types of crimes are unstable. It is not the video game's fault that they go out and perform they ghastly deeds. They would've probably go out and done that even without playing the game. Violent Video Games does not provoke any dangerous desires in an individual's mind. If that were the case, then we would have a larger military army with people from war games wanting to join the military.

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