• Yes violent video games are good for children

    NO! It should not i see many of you come on here and debate about it. Just because a few people bought call of duty then want to shoot up a school doesn't mean its the games fault. For example
    Call of duty sold over 1,000 copies a year was their 1,000 mass shootings? NO
    I rather have children doing violent things in video games than in real life. Instead of going outside starting trouble there home on their video games. By looking at call of duty most parents will say its a bad game not really in call of duty it offers.
    - Team work
    - Objectives
    - tactics and strategy's
    - thinking about how to get around the enemy's
    The people you see today that goes on rampages just cant handle the game mostly mental.

  • Well not necessarily...

    So far, from what I have seen, it is not the games fault. Some people do think school shootings come from this, but if you look at the facts, its really the persons fault. Ex : COD. They have been a pretty popular game for years to come, with millions of copies a game and so far, not many problems have happened. Some of these games even give kids thinking skills.
    1. Strategy
    2. Fast Reactions
    3. Hand Eye Coordination

    My conclusion is, you shouldn't deem all video games bad. They can help tyour child if anything.

  • It's not the games fault

    Violent games are not violent. They can do brain damage if the player's brain is weak. It can cause mind problems if the player's mind is weak.

    Most people hasn't got a strong mind. They can not concentrate in one thing when their mind is 'overloaded'.

    I recommend meditation as a solution. It can reduce confusing and mental tiredness.

    Overall any game is OK if the player can handle its presure.

  • If there isn't too much gore, it's ok...

    Only someone with a mental disorder, would be influenced by violent video games to become violent. But, having a scene, that is really graphic- I'm talking about intestines everywhere; being burnt to death- that is too much for a child to soak in. I'm no psychologist, but that will probably traumatise the poor fella, that's why I avoid games like Dead Space.

  • Teamwork, Support, Objectives.

    These types of video games should always be an option for children. It helps them develop quick reactions and very good strategic placements for different situations. Games like Age of Empires also give the possibility of different endings. Other games like Call of duty, Battlefield, Etc... Harness the power of teamwork.

  • Most probably yes

    It's a stupid question because it assumes that it either is 100% a force for good or a 100% force for bad. There have been a select few cases where people have been reported to have been inspired by violent games to carry out acts but this is RARE. Really really rare. Other than that, I don't know about them being 'good' for kids which implies an outside benefit.. I guess the word should be 'fun' so yes they're good for kids because they have fun playing them. There's also study into video games as a whole that they help improve problem solving skills. So overall, the answer sways more towards 'yes' even if it is a stupid question.

  • No because this

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  • It isn't good but it isn't bad

    I don't support the playing of violent games to children, but it doesn't make them criminals. Cooking Mama hasn't ruined Master Chef for the next generation, Game Dev Tycoon hasn't made millions of businesses open up making games randomly. Call of Duty and GTA haven't caused whimpering 3 year olds to go on shooting sprees. There is therefore no benefit.

  • Depends on the circumstance and the frequency

    If a YOUNG child is constantly on violent video games, they will start to believe that what they see is the right way in life to deal with conflicts and other situations that could be resolved peacefully. Also, if a child plays on a violent video game when they are suffering emotional, mental or some other trauma or problem in life, they could become addicted to the game and so could have the same problems as young children: believing that it is the way to deal with life. However, it relies on the parents or guardians to enforce the fact that you should only play games that the ratings say you can. So my argument is neither yes or no, but I have put in the no section because my arguments say that they are bad for kids.

  • No, They Aren't

    While small doses of video games do not have drastic effects on the minds of youths, studies will show that we are the product of the media that we take in. That being said, this is why cartoons and comedic violence are preferred to realistic violence. Overexposure to violent video games without real world guidance can lead to a relaxed view toward violence, and firearms. In example, a child who only experiences war through the lens of COD has a falsified perception of the harsh reality of warfare.

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