Are violent video games, music, and films responsible for the increase in violence in the real world?

  • Yes, but they'll only impact a very few people in that way.

    Personally, I do believe that exposure to too much violence in video games, music, and movies can increase certain people's chances of acting out violently. It certainly glorifies violence and makes it seem like something good and exciting, and might give some people an adrenaline rush. However, it would just be some people, since most people would not act out violently and commit crimes after partaking in media.

  • What we see can cause us to copy and do the same.

    We are human. Sometimes we copy things that we see from TV because that may gives us some sort of satisfaction. Some thing that we didn't know we could do, but we did it now by watching that at TV. Now, the violence behavior that people see at TV can be another form of instruction, which will target some generation especially; young generation because who loves to be number one. Teenagers love to be the highest, the greatest, and in competition they want to be a head of every one. Now, by watching violence at TV; inadvertently they get the notion of violence with the thought that " I can be the same here as I saw at the TV by having a gun and shooting people." And that is enough supportable reason for the idea that violent video games and movies are responsible from a different angle for increase of violence in social.

  • Yes, they definitely do.

    I am a huge video game player. Ever since I was 4 years old I've had some form of a video game in my hands. As I child I played Mortal Kombat and other violent games cause they were cool to me. I thought they were so cool that at one point I tried learning the moves so I could fight just like they did. I ended up in a fight with my older brother and broke his nose because I tried jump kicking him in the face. I attempted this move because I saw it on a video game. Now a days video games have become more violent and now include guns, gangs, drugs, ext. Games such as GTA (Grand Theft Auto) include stripers, drugs, killing, hi-jacking and more. This is all portrayed as cool and awesome. Parents buy these games for there kids and there kids learn from these games instead of learning what is morally correct and acceptable. Video games have become a gate way to violence. Sales of violent video games, such as rated M games, should be stricture. Just like the sale of cigarettes and alcohol, rated M video games should not be bought or sold to anyone with the intent to give to a person under the age of 17

  • Never ever ever

    No, thats stupid, it's so idiotic that people still think that crap, if you think this, you are terrible. The fact is there are worse things; Porn, War, diseases, human trafficking, rape, Africa, Detroit, Florida, China, North Korea, UFC, Adam Sandler, Your Mother, Your sister, your brother, your mom, and your crappy dog.

  • Its a matter of having common sense

    Any normal person that plays videogames understands that its just that, a game and some of the "yes" comments are just people who lack common sense just because i see violence in a game doesn't mean i instantly want to shot someone. Its literally just having some type of common sense and morals. There are way too many variables to firmly state that videogames = violence what about sports? That involves tons of adrenaline pumping through said person which can also can increase violent tendencies and then you also see people who fight each other over who's team is better. Why isnt that being talked about?

  • We're in one of the most peaceful times in human history

    Believe it or not, we live in one of the most peaceful times in human history. Apparently if somebody runs into a building and shoots some people it's the fault of the video game industry. It seems that the modern day media doesn't understand that there are plenty of other factors that could've been the cause over video games. Mental illness, social life, bullying, etc. And last time I checked there's been crime since the beginning of society before video games existed.

  • Video games do not make you violent

    Saying video games make you violent is blaming food because we have fat people.But stile you can not do anything about big gamer enthusiast yes they can get out of hand some time but stile. It was not to different when you where a kid adults blamed commits, TV, and music.

  • A person that has the time to enjoy them can't be violent

    Violence occurs due to work related stress, forced work and terrible supervisors that domineer over you. People that are indulging themselves in media would not be in a setting where they're put into a bad mood. And usually people that play or watch said things are with like minded individuals that have no reason to act out that way because all they're doing is sitting down to enjoy something. There is no impending danger nor psychological damage dealt upon you.

  • Media do not dictate what we learn.

    In general, it is easy to put the blame for a problem in society on the most readily accessible 'cause'. However, as should be incredibly obvious, these entertainments are just that. One learns from parents and real life role models and schools, not entertainment.

    Violent media do not cause violence. One might as well claim that depictions of sex turns the world into sex maniacs, portrayal of drugs turns the population into junkies, 'romcoms' making relationships a dramatic romance that will work out in the end, and kids shows increasing the amount of 'sunshine and rainbows' in the world. It is an unfeasible an idea as it's preposterous.

    Critics would have to look to another scapegoat to lay the blame of violence on. The human psyche, perhaps.

  • No, but they're probably signs of it.

    Violent video games and movies along with the lyrics in a lot of modern so called music can not be helping the ethos and mood of the world. However, they are probably more signs of inner turmoil than the cause of it. We probably should be cultivating a more serene spirit, however, and that might mean a change in these things.

  • no, they are not.

    There actually has not been an increase in violence in the real world. Violence in the real world has been dropping for centuries. People used to kill one another over nothing, and people used to be hung to death for stealing loaves of bread. Video games do not even caue any of the violence in today's less violent world.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe there is a true increase in violence in the real world compared to other times in history. Video games, music, and especially films and TV shows play out violence in a far greater concentration than what is actually counted in the real world. I don't believe these mediums are responsible for the violence we see in the real world.

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