Are violent video games part of your leisure activities?

  • I play them daily

    I'm your typical violent game enthusiast (socially challenged late teenager) and I play these types of video games on a daily basis. No, I've never been a violent person, I've never been in a fight, I actually am very uncomfortable watching violent movie scenes or seeing firearms in real life. To think that doing the same task over and over in a virtual setting will induce real mirroring behaviors is nonsense. I have friends who love playing farming games, do they even care for one plant in their home? No. I have friends that only play medieval fantasy games, do they raid and pillage their local supermarket? Do they own a single piece of medieval weaponry? No....People who are mentally sound can distinguish what's right and wrong, what's fake and real. To think that someone that only plays grand theft auto 12 hours a day is going to go out and crash cars, shoot kids, and do hard drugs all day is utter nonsense! Just because kids are playing violent games over non-violent games doesn't mean they're violently inclined. Gaming companies that produce violent video games like rockstar, activision, treyarch/infinity ward, dice, etc. have millions, sometimes billions of dollars at their disposal to make incredible, revolutionary gaming experiences. Some third party company making a game for kids to learn how to do academic tasks only has maybe a couple thousand dollars to make a game, this is like putting toddlers against NFL stars in a game of football, completely irrelevant. People play video games for the same reason we watch tv and movies, to escape our boring, mediocre, everyday lives. It gives us a chance to do the impossible (or very unlikely) without consequence. Just because I go watch a western movie, doesn't mean I'll go challenging my neighbors to duels and shooting up the town's folk! As I said earlier, a SOUND person can distinguish between fake and real, good and bad. The rare cases of people commiting murders directly BECAUSE of playing a video games are almost always commited by people so mentally unstable, they would have commited murder for some other reason! Pin pointing all violent video game enthusiasts as future anti-social cereal killers is one of the worst cases of stereotyping I've ever witnessed. A few bad apples don't make all the others bad, if every normal, productive citizen that plays violent video games got just as much media attention as the insane school shooter's did, this debate wouldn't need to occur over and over, forcing us gamers to defend ourselves from ignorant people people looking for the nearest scapegoat! Alright, I'm done, if you still disagree you're either in denial or didn't read my entire post. Thanks and have a well informed day!

  • Yes, they are

    I'm 29, don't own any guns, and don't have desires to do harm to anybody. I'm the kind of person these games are aimed at, adults that aren't impressionable. The problem with violent games is when they're handed to kids that don't know how to think for themselves and take messages not meant to be utilized in real life and do so.

  • I'm ok with them

    There is nothing wrong with ciolent video games, even if I don't partake in them myself. The idea that violent video games cause violence is absurd, and largely an attempt to seek reason and cause in an uncertain world. People do not kill purely because they see it on tv or play it.

  • I Don't Spend Much Time With Games

    Growing up with Nintendo and Atari, I don't find near as much joy from the extremely complicated games they put out today. I have played games like, Grand Theft Auto, and enjoyed them to some degree, but for the most part I don't play violent video games during my free time.

  • No, they are a bad influence.

    No, violent video games are not part of my leisure activities, because they are not good for the mind. A person who watches nothing but Ukranian television would eventually learn to speak Ukranian. This is a good thing. But a person who does nothing but play games with violence will eventually begin to rationalize their own violent thoughts and behaviors.

  • Not wasting my time on that

    No, I'm not wasting my time on violent video games, or any games, for that matter. When I was younger, I played some computer games, but violent ones never seemed appealing to me. I just don't understand what's so "cool" about shooting or beating people. Not only it's wasting time, it's wasting time in a bad way, in my opinion.

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