• Stereotyped as Losers and Prudes

    Years ago, losing your virginity before you were married was frowned upon. Today, it seems like anyone who's hasn't lost their virginity by age 20 is looked down upon like a social outcasts who aren't good enough for anyone to want to have sex with them. But do you really risk getting pregnant (or getting someone else pregnant) when you're 17 or 18? Or getting an STD you have to live with the rest of your life? Despite being legal adults, they don't always realize the consequences of their inability to keep it in their pants.

  • Yes male virginis are

    Most female virgins are not negatively stereotyped. In most cases they have a positive sterotype. It is the male virgin that is stereotyped negatively. They are viewed as not being able to get someone and not being a real man. The truth is the virgins who wait for sex are probably more healthy and better off.

  • They absolutely are.

    I didn't lose my virginity until I was 21, and ever since Intermediate School I've had people giving me grief for my virgin status. Guys would ridicule me, girls didn't want to date me (because I failed the "social proof" test) and my parents were ashamed of me. To be honest, sex isn't that great anyway.

    Posted by: APB
  • Very much so.

    Virgins are definitely negatively stereotyped. They are often depicted as social outcasts and many teenagers who choose abstinence are bullied or picked on in school. Everything in the media shows that sex is "cool." Music videos and reality television are the worst for it. Media needs to change and show teenagers and young adults that those who choose to remain abstinent are strong. It is not easy for anyone to stand against peer pressure and those that do should be applauded for their ability to refrain from giving into peer pressure and pressure from the media.

  • Yes, Virgins are Negatively Stereotyped.

    Virgins are negatively stereotyped in social media and on our public cable TV shows. They are shown to be socially awkward or having an extreme desire to "lose their V-card". This is not something that should continue. There is enough pressure in our lives for sexual conduct from our peers and media outlets. So yes virgins have a bad stereotype and it shouldn't be supported any longer.

  • It's stigmatized these days.

    If you're a virgin after a certain age, people assume that you are either a prude or that there is just something wrong with you. There are a lot of reasons that people might choose to not have sex at a young age, and they shouldn't be stigmatized for it any more than people who choose to have sex should be stigmatized.

  • Yes, they are negatively stereotyped.

    Yes, I believe virgins are negatively stereotyped. It is not a bad thing to be a virgin and not all virgins are prudes. Some people believe in saving that part of themselves for someone special enough to have it, and I do not see how that can be wrong or why it's put in such a negative light.

  • Yes, virginity is a person's choice, whether for moral or health reasons.

    No one should think any differently of virgins. It is not our place to judge why people choose to remain virgins. Many do it for religious reasons, others do it because they feel it is the moral thing to wait for sex until they are married. Others may see it as a health hazard. Whatever the reason, virgins seem to be portrayed negatively, when all of those reasons are positive.

  • Yes, virgins are stigmatized.

    Virginity is not looked upon the same way it was 50 years ago. The attitude has been progressively changing since the sixty's era. But that is to be expected of a growing society. The values change and because of this, and so has the idea that virginity has some virtue. Maybe in the future, someone will extol the virtues of not having sex, but until then, anyone who doesn't is viewed as a some type of prude.

  • I don't believe teen virgins are negatively stereotyped.

    Virgins are not necessarily negatively stereotyped, but there is more pressure to lose your virginity at a younger age. This is because the world is more sexual. Everywhere on TV there are movies, shows, and even commercials that show explicit scenes. There are shows that seem to glorify and congratulate teen pregnancies. This all leads to young girls wanting to have sex and get pregnant. Many don't know the hardships that come with teen pregnancy. In high school, at least where I live, there are very few virgins. I don't think this is because virgins are negatively stereotyped, but because they are more exposed to sexual content.

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