• Surely are expensive and prices still stay on.

    Visas are too expensive especially if you want to visit Usa or Uk. And because of it's prices only rich people have opportunity to buy visas. Obtaining a visa is an expensive and time-consuming business that has not changed dramatically. And this might be reason why some people try to cross border illegally this kind of people simply can't effort to buy visa because it's too expensive.

  • Give me your tired

    Visas are too expensive because they prevent hardworking people from coming to this country to make a better life for themselves. How many of our ancestors could not have come to this country if the visa costs were what they are today. We should be giving more people an opportunity to come tot this country lawfully.

  • No, visas are not too expensive

    The cost of a visa represents the cost borne on a country to host foreign visitors. It also ensures, or should ensure, that those travelling to a country have gone through the appropriate channels to get there. A visa cost is good for a host country, especially one that can be exploited by foreigners.

  • Costly yes, but worth every penny

    When we choose to work in another country, we are choosing to immerse ourselves in another infrastructure that is quite costly to maintain. Citizens of a given country pay into that infrastructure from the time they are young through tangible and non tangible means, and it is only fair that foreign visitors do the same.

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