• Vitamins are great!

    Vitamins are great and delicious and even if you do have one it is not going to affect you. It is just going to give you some nutrients that you might need. There is nothing to hate about vitamins because my dad gives me them every morning and it doesn't do anything to affect me. Go vitamins!

  • Vitamins Beneficial to Health

    Without a doubt, vitamins are beneficial to human health. These vitamins are most beneficial to individuals with a nutritional deficiency in some way. Healthy individuals receive less of a boost when taking these vitamins. Still, it never hurts to take vitamins and dietary supplements for health reasons in this day and age.

  • Yes, vitamins are beneficial.

    Vitamins and minerals are very beneficial to our health. As an example, without Vitamin C we will develop scurvy. Calcium is essential for strong bones. Lack of B12 can lead to neurological issues. If the question is referring to vitamin supplements, well, yes and no. Sometimes people overdo supplements, it's best to get nutrients from the food we eat, and some supplements don't even have the active ingredients. Even though vitamin supplements can be purchased over the counter, it's best to consult with a doctor to find out which ones you need and aren't getting in your diet.

  • Yes, vitamins are beneficial to our health.

    Yes, vitamins are beneficial to our health. With the increase in food processing we have seen a reduction in minerals and vitamins and vitamin supplements help make up for that. Vitamins are good for strengthening our bones and enhancing our immune systems. If you deal with a lot of stress it depletes your vitamin supply and vitamins can help to restore them.

  • Vitamins are beneficial to our health.

    Vitamins are beneficial to our health. Most of us do not eat the proper foods to get the vitamins that we need to be healthy. We use vitamins to make sure that our bodies stay healthy. I think that vitamins are good for people to take regularly everyday and promotes good health.

  • No, in serious matters

    Exactly like the person above has said, and vitamins have a side effect. People should only eat vitamins if necessary, if not, it is vital that you should not eat vitamins. Researches have clearly shown that healthy foods are by far better than having vitamins every day. People should seriously think twice before having all types of vitamins everyday.

  • Not in many cases.

    The most recent study that was published looking at the effects of vitamins on our bodies has shown that taking a multivitamin every day can actually be bad for us and could possibly even cause cancer. Unless a person has a specific nutritional deficiency and has a need for a certain vitamin, there is no need to take them if you eat a healthy diet.

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