• Voter ID laws discriminate against poor individuals.

    Voter ID laws establish the requirement to present an ID before you can vote. A higher percent of people, with a socioeconomic status that is below standard, have trouble procuring the necessary documents to be able to obtain an ID. With our current voter ID laws in place it makes it difficult, and in some cases impossible for these poorer individuals to vote.

  • Voter ID laws are a big issue.

    The reason people are actually wanting to use voter ID laws is to suppress the poor vote. It costs money to get an ID. This is an indirect poll tax. Since the poor are typically democrats of the working class, republican states with a high level of corporate support are the ones passing the voter ID laws. If it weren't such a large issue, the voter ID laws would have at least a few democrat states. They don't. Not a single blue state has a voter ID law.

  • Yes, they are.

    I think anyone should be able to vote, whether they have an ID or not. It is not like people are just going to flock to the United States to cast their ballot on a potential presidential candidate. No, the vast majority who would show up to the polls would be America.s

  • Voter ID laws create a real issue while addressing a fake one

    Voter ID laws are a big issue because actual voter fraud is such a non-issue. While you should have to prove you are who you say you are before voting, a simple drivers licence or other form of common identification would be more than sufficient. While the claim that voter ID laws are intended primarily to suppress the minority vote strikes me as exaggerated, making it harder to cast a vote in the US is a step in the wrong direction.

  • Yes, they are a big issue

    I think they are not strict enough. The fact is, we all saw what happens to the votes when they laws are messed with. I think any kind of disaster we can avoid, through voter fraud, the better. I think the system should change soon enough, its far too easy to cheat.

  • Yes, they are.

    The way the voter ID laws are set up limits the amount of votes. For some people it's discouraging to have to go and get a voter ID to vote rather than just use their drivers license or a normal ID. It limits who will vote which is not a good thing at all.

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