• Of course it is!

    Voter ID laws are completely constitutional. You are supposed to be a legal United States citizen to vote, therefore why shouldn't you have to show proof that you are indeed a legal citizen to be able to vote. The states that have the laws even have a special free ID available if you cannot afford an ID or do not have a drivers license, so I am not sure what the problem even is!

  • It is reasonable and Common SENSE!

    I am all for the right to vote! However I do not believe that it is wrong to ask for ID to vote. It is not racist! All I want is a fair election where every vote will count, rather than Mickey Mouse and dead people voting.

    Plus ALL states with voter ID will offer a ID free of charge so even the homeless can afford it. You need an ID to drink alcohol, buy cigarettes, see an R rated movie etc. Shouldn't voting be just as important!

    Finally; Is it "racist" to ask a minority member to see ID in order to by an alcoholic beverage?

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