• Voting id laws attack minorities and the poor

    People who do not have any means to get the proper identification will completely lose their right to vote , some people have no time or money needed to get all the proper documents needed to vote . This seems like a strategy for eliminating the poor and minority vote who would most likely vote democrat

  • Voter ID laws do not support free and fair elections

    Many laws regarding voting in past history have been instilled in order to disenfranchise an entire group of the population from voting, such as literacy tests for black voters in the south. A valid photo ID is not something that is just granted to anyone free of charge and one must usually at least travel to a DMV for some form of state identification. Anyone who could not find transportation to the DMV or afford any fees would therefore be barred from voting due to nothing more than their current socioeconomic status.

  • There is no reasonable basis to even claim they are unconstitutional.

    The founders of this nation desired the ability for people invested in this nation (citizens) to make decisions through their vote for the future of this country. They did not desire for outside agents to be making those decisions. The only proper way to ensure that doesn't happen is in making sure the people voting in elections are actually citizens.

  • If voter ID laws are unconstitutional, Then so are background checks for firearms

    Generally, Voter ID laws require identification by government-issued credentials such as a driver's license or identification card. A background check to purchase a firearm (and thus exercise one's Second Amendment right) ALSO requires a government-issued credential for identification. Both are rights enumerated in the Constitution, And under Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 U. S. 105 (1943) it is reasonable to expect both rights to be addressed under the same standards.

  • ID's are required across the country for just about every purchase or service.

    Since above statement is valid, ID possession to all Canadian citizens should be readily available upon request, for something as important as voting. If for some obscure reason someone lacks ID then that person should be able to register at the polling station, provided he/she allows picture to be taken for cross-checking other polling stations, knowing that false represention will lead to felony charges

  • No Not Unconstitutional

    Most leftists oppose this law and play the race card. People have to show ID to do many things. Is that unconstitutional? Of you are of age and you don't have a photo ID you're a moron. Voter ID prevents voter fraud and we all know the Democrats like voter fraud.

  • No They Aren't

    As a United States citizen I have had an ID since I was 15 1/2 years old. Quite frankly I fail to understand how people function in this society without a photo ID. The process to obtain an ID is very simple and costs very little money. For these reasons I have no problems with the voter ID laws, I do not believe they are unconstitutional.

  • No, voter ID laws help to prevent voter fraud.

    No, voter ID laws are not unconstitutional, and they serve an important way to prevent voter fraud. They help to identify individuals during the voting process to ensure that they are who they say they are. This will prevent voters from voting multiple times under the names of other registered voters who do not show up at the polls.

  • They don't prohibit.

    No, voter ID laws are not unconstitutional, because they don't prevent anyone from voting that is actually a citizen that should be voting. Most states have an exemption for an ID for someone who can't afford to pay for it. We can all have IDs. It doesn't say in the constitution that voter ID laws make it too hard to vote.

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