Are Votes Cast on Electronic Voting Machines Stored in a Manner That Preserves Voter Anonymity?

  • Electronic votes are anonymous.

    With the advent of technology, many things have switched to electronic means to make them more cost effective and efficient. However, privacy leaks have raised concerns that they are not safe. To the contrary, many things that are electronic are even safer than the old-fashioned method. People's fears are ill-placed, because electronic votes are totally protected from an unplanned reveal.

  • No, electronic voting machines do not preserve voter anonymity.

    No, electronic voting machines do not provide a confident measure of anonymity to voters. The voting machines have the ability to record the ballot number, and the ballot number can be traced back to an individual. Additionally, if a voter requires assistance using the electronic voting machine, anonymity can be compromised by having a poll worker help that person. Also, at small precincts on occasions of low voter turnout, it is fairly easy to find out who voted and made deductions based on election results.

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