• Yes,its there job to be

    I think you have to look at it from their perspective, its their job to be greedy. If they just sit back and let enough be enough, they will fail. It's one thing to watch a movie like wall street 2 and think that's reality,but being greedy is in their nature. They don't cause as much harm as you think, that's hollywood.

  • Yes, money breeds greed.

    Wall Street is where the majority of criminals exist, and where the majority of criminals get away with what they do. This is the story of money, and will always be so. Wall Street produces riches, and breeds greed because that is what money has come to in our life.

  • Yes, I believe Wall Street Bankers are too greedy

    I believe in the power of Capitalism and people being able to benefit from their investments but I believe that Wall Street bankers have pushed the line a bit too far and took reckless risks to make as much as money as possible and then when it all went wrong the Government had to bail them out, I believe Wall Street bankers should be less greedy and take less risks.

  • Yes, Wall Street bankers are too greedy.

    I definitely think Wall Street bankers are too greedy. But I don't think they're anymore greedy than other people in different work fields. Every body wants to make more money. Why should Wall Street bankers be the only one criticized for that. I think capitalism is what makes this country great.

  • In capitalism, there is no such thing as too much anything.

    The purpose of a capitalist led society is that those that want, go and get. This can be labeled as greed. Those bankers on Wall Street are just taking advantage of their position to get the things they want. They want more than most because they have access to more than most. Capitalism is about capitalizing on opportunities. I do not blame them for doing exactly what I would do if I were in their position.

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