• Yes, not all conflicts, but for some conflicts.

    Their are conflicts that can be resolved by talking, and then others by some exchanged of fists, and lastly some might need a little Warfare.

    When another nation disrespects the liberties of its citizens, you can try talking to them. But if they are like those people, who I'm sure everyone knows about, those people who don't like talking things out, then what else can you do? There are ways and tactics to go about manipulating the situation to change that other nation's inhumane values, but when those failed, you're not left with much choices.

    War, nobody likes it as a first resort, but most will resort to it if they had to. Sometimes, to end a problem, you'll just have to get rid of it.

  • We shouldn't if not needed

    All we do is cause hurt, death, and not to mention waste tons of military supplies which costs tons of money to make. And, why are we killing people due to "unresolved issues?' We can resort to other, less violent measures. And to finish it off, how does war even solve a problem? All we do when we fight is make things needlessly worse. If it's for self-defense, where another country is attacking us, then that's a more appropriate way to use our military: To protect ourselves, not to fight with each other over disagreements. That's where compromising comes to place. Find a middle ground so each side gets what they need/want.

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