Are waste and fraud the real causes of the U.S. deficit?

  • I think that our country needs to change its priorities FAST.

    As a nation, our people (especially the people at the top who control things) are too greedy and wasteful. Everyone is trying to get over on others, which is why fraud is so prevalent. We need a top down change in philosophy on how we treat each other because this country is serious messed up right now. Too many people are living at poverty or below, while the "haves" continue to screw everyone over.

  • Yes, waste and fraud are the causes of the deficit, to some extent

    To some extent, waste and fraud are indeed large contributors to the national debt of the United States. Are they the only reason that we as a country as going broke and are unable to pay our bills? Absolutely not. With that being said, we need to cut down on both.

  • Yes, waste and fraud are a huge reason behind the U.S. deficit.

    We as Americans take for granted the things we have. We waste food, gas, and clothing. We don't recycle and our garbage is piling up. As for fraud. When you steal from someone, it has to be made up in other ways, causing either a shortage in product, or people having to pay for the fraud.

  • Entitlements Are the Real Cause

    Growth in Social Security and Medicare as well as other entitlements are the real drivers of future deficits. I am all for cutting out waste, fraud, and abuse. But, some waste is inherent in government. The public sector is simply not as efficient as the private sector due to a lack of market forces. There will always be some waste, and we should try to contain it.

    The real driver is excessive entitelement spending, which must be adressed.

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