• We Are Very Lazy Today.

    Today's generation is to entitled. It is wrong to teach your kids a lesson nowadays-which leaves them as entitled little spoiled brats. What happened to the generation that landed a man on the moon to make a political statement? Or the one that beat the Nazis in Europe because it had to be done? Or the one that defeated slavery? They were go-getters. Today we expect everything to be just handed to us. We don't want to do anything for ourselves. And to the few people who do-you are lucky. I like to associate myself with this group-the ones who are willing to work hard to accomplish their goals and make a difference in this world. Next time you're being a lazy bum ask yourself-am I working hard? If not, get up and do something. I hate to break to you, but life isn't easy. You don't get it just handed to you-it takes work, determination, and a desire to be great at everything you do. Unfortunately youth today don't have this.

    And by the way, I'm a straight A 7th grade student.

  • No we are not

    We sprnd 7 to 11 hours in school we have co curricular activities supplementary remedials tution hw and more yet we still spend 9.5 hour on hw hows that lazy we use tech for help and a occasional break pls dont tell me u dont use tech if not ur just lying to urself

  • Most kids in this genertion are lazy

    Most adults alive today didn't have all the technology kids have now when they were growing up. That is why most adults are not big fans of video games and they charish nature and family bonding time. But kids these days grew up with lots of electronics and video games. I even once saw a 6 year old walking around with an iPhone 5. The reason most kids are lazy and hate school is because they grew up with all those video games. By playing video games, the kids don't want to do anything else. Why would they play with toys or go outside, or just spend time with family, if they have an Xbox, PlayStation, Phone, or whatever they have. Now a lot of kids depend on video games to keep them busy. And why all of this? Because parents buy their kids a phone or game consol at a young age, but then the kid becomes obsessed with it. It's fine to play video games here and there, but when you play it all the time, then that is a different story. I'm glad a grew up during a time when everybody wasn't obsessed with video games and actually went outside to play. Now it is hard to even get a kid outside So that is why I think this generation is lazy

  • We get whatever we want.

    This is coming from someone who experiences this first-hand. This generation is a mess, we rely too much on technology and everyone else to do what we want. Parents don't want to be 'hard' on their children, and they turn out to be brats. This has corrupted this generation. People don't accept that life is difficult. They live in their parents houses because they thought that life was always going to be like elementary and middle school. WE ARE BRATS. We think that we can beat anything we want out of people, at the same time acting afraid of our parents like they're going to murder us for acting out in front of them. Adolescence are confusing, and I'm one of their peers. We think we'll always be able to sit in front of our television and eat junk food, and everything will turn out fine. YOU NEED TO WORK. My dad had to stop working for a while, and even with my mom working we began to go broke. This is life, and no one seems to accept this. At least not kids my age.

    ~A simple seventh grader.

  • Technology is limiting our human capacity

    Technology, although efficient, has made us depend on them too much and even has turned us into couch potatoes: why play outside when you can watch The Office on Netflix?, why proof-read your essay when you have a spell-check? Why use a dictionary if you can just Google it online?

  • We expect high pay but won't work hard

    Most people I know are too damn lazy to work hard but expect high paying salaries.
    I don't understand why so many people are so lazy.

    This laziness unfortunately leads to immigrants being all too happy to take the jobs that locals are too lazy to do.

    I'm all for immigration, but we should only allow those in that can contribute something that we're leaving skills in...Not too lazy to do.

  • We are lazier than our parents

    We slack off with jobs and are too busy on our cell phones than to look up at people when they are talking. When people are talking, we would much rather be listening to music and often leave earbuds dangling, acting like we don't even care. We are very lazy.

  • From a Kid

    This is such a simple question. We are lazy. Why? We are from a very wealthy country; therefore, Americans often tend very lazy. One family can be searching your backyard for food while you're watching The Hunger Games. How can we solve this? Volunteer to do work at your nearest animal shelter. Make a shoebox for an African child. We can make a difference. -Coming to you from a 6th grader.

  • From a 6th Grader

    This is such a simple question. We are lazy. Why? We are from a very wealthy country; therefore, Americans often tend very lazy. One family can be searching your backyard for food while you're watching The Hunger Games. How can we solve this? Volunteer to do work at your nearest animal shelter. Make a shoebox for an African child. We can make a difference. -Coming to you from a 6th grader.

  • Make a Difference

    This is such a simple question. We are lazy. Why? We are from a very wealthy country; therefore, Americans often tend very lazy. One family can be searching your backyard for food while you're watching The Hunger Games. How can we solve this? Volunteer to do work at your nearest animal shelter. Make a shoebox for an African child. We can make a difference. -Coming to you from a 6th grader.

  • It is the laziest

    Socrates, The famous philosopher, Lived over 2400 years ago. He made this observation about the youth of his generation:
    "The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, Contempt for
    authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place
    of exercise. Children are now tyrants, Not the servants of their
    households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They
    contradict their parents, Chatter before company, Gobble up dainties
    at the table, Cross their legs, And tyrannize their teachers. "
    This is a direct comment on how lazy and rude the new generation is, But keep in mind this was said over 2000 years ago. People have been complaining about their youthful counterparts for a very long time, But they always seem to end up okay. I don't see this generation any differently
    Either way, We will without a doubt continue to complain about the younger generation far into the future.

  • We aren't lazy folks.

    Okay, So me explain. Many people think we are lazy. But, We aren't. Let me tell you why. We are raised in a way that many can consider lazy. We are taught to have fun and that we should depend on technology. We get everything handed to us at such a young age, So you might think we are lazy. Yes, The claims I just wrote support it. Now, Let me contradict it. So, If we aren't raised in such a way, Then we would be considered a good generation. A hard working generation. Thats how people view the generation before us millenials. Most of the people writing on this website about this topic are young. We aren't lazy because we are taking time out of our day to write something we feel passionately about. We still feel passionate about things, But we are taught at a young age, By parents and techers, That we should use things like technolgy because they didn't have it and they want us to take advantage of it. If we are being honest here, We were never told at a young age to do chores, And if we had homework, Usually our parents would sit us down and help us, But really just give us the answers. But, Don't let any of what anything says fool you. Every generation has it's lazy handfuls. Everyone has the potential to be lazy, So don't say that only millenials are lazy, Because if you do, You are lying yo yourself and everyone else.

  • Greedy unrealistic lazy older bosses and tech replacements. The fault is not with current generation.

    No job security for millennial workers, Global wide competition, Tech automation replacing good paying jobs. In office corporate worlds, Excessively greedy old rich fat-cat bosses with too high expectations on their employees, Creating extreme work pressure with unpaid overtime and very high staff turnover rate all for pursuit of $$ for their own selfish greed, While abusing low-paying internship and offshoring consultancy. Plus middle east wars still ongoing due to all the excessive greed and hatred still flaming wars and conflicts all over the world.
    There is no wonder why birth rates are continuing to decline in developed & more educated nations.
    What a S**t world we millennial have inherited from the older generations. Be prepared for the decline of human society in the world, Hopefully more peaceful than the world wars eras.

  • No, not the entire generation.

    Not the entire generation has been brought up to be lazy little brats who expect everything to be handed to them. Yes, there are many of them, but not all of us are actually like that. I'm one of those that have always been brought up to work hard - I honestly couldn't imagine living without work for the rest of my life, sitting watching reality television rubbish whilst waiting for my weekly dole to roll in.

    I've just left college (UK, not US), and at 18, I'm working an average of 20 hours a week. Now that sounds like nothing to full-timers, but whilst I was in college, balancing my time out to do coursework, socialise with friends and go to work was something I had to get on with - and I did it quite well for someone so forgetful and unorganised.

    Those of you lazy brats who are eligible for work - do it. Life isn't easy, and you can't expect to be given £50,000 a year for being couch potatoes, watching the Karsashians. Get yourself a job, make some money for yourself, and make the most of life.

  • No we are not

    I could go much more in-depth in this however for the sake of not putting everyone to sleep (and making an easier read) I'll just do dot points. All these are taken from real studies and reputable sources.
    - A higher percentage or both men and women 'millennials' (in this situation born 1984-1996) are have at least a bachelor's degree than previous generations. This is a trend likely to continue to the next also
    - A study of 5,600 Americans found that a higher percentage of millennials didn't take vacation leave. 24% of millennials didn't in comparison of 19% gen X and 17% Baby Boomers. This isn't necessarily because they enjoy their job other as a majority claimed to be unhappy with their job/position
    - Approximately 70% of millennial women are employed, higher than any other generation when they were at the age of millennials
    There are so many more I could add but these seemed some of the biggest.
    We have so much amazing technology now, more than we've ever had. Because of this we are doing some things in different ways but proof kinda shows we're not less hard working than other generations, it just opens doors for so much more.

  • Things are different now.

    Sure, we might be on our phones and laptops all the time. Sure, we might rarely go outside. Sure, maybe "I'll do it later!" turns into never. But what exactly adults expect us to do? Go run outside and start climbing trees? Come home and start reading a textbook? The thing a lot of older generations don't seem to get is that when we're on our phones, we're not always 'playing games.' A lot of the time we're reading, or checking something on the internet, or working on a project, or texting our friends about how unprepared we are for that test next week. And maybe, before you start muttering that god that kid is so lazy go do your homework--maybe you could try considering that we spend seven hours at school? And we have assignments and projects and mountains of homework, and that we're just getting more and more stressed with the same amounts of anxiety as 1950's asylum patients. And we need time to have fun and do something we enjoy.
    To be honest, I just really want to get across one point.
    We. Are. Not. You.
    The world has changed, and people have changed, and we don't like going out that much anymore because that creepy dude over there could be a kidnapper. Yeah, maybe you were a better kid than we are, but that was thirty years ago. Stop asking us to act like you decades after acting like you was normal.
    We are the future. Don't mess it up.

  • We aint lazy

    Being lazy is often synonymous with being a kid. Your only responsibility is to have fun, which means blowing off chores and homework in favor of TV, video games, and other entertainment for as long as Mom and Dad let you. While this is not news, what is newsworthy and alarming is that research published in Preventive Medicine this August suggests that today’s youth may be just as sedentary as Grandma and Grandpa.

    Scientists from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Medicine examined data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), which is designed to offer a picture of health behaviors across all age groups and demographics in the U.S.

    During two non-consecutive years in the early 2000’s, the NHANES required participants to wear an accelerometer that tracked how much they moved throughout the week. Using this data, the Johns Hopkins team analyzed a sample size of 12,529 people across five age groups: children aged 6-11, teens aged 12-19, adults age 20-30 and 31-59 as well as older adults 60 or older. The staggering finding? The teens proved roughly as active as seniors.

    Labeling these young folks as “lazy” may be tempting and easy, but it’s not necessarily correct. Sonima’s pain and anatomy advisor, Pete Egoscue, suggests the problem may be physical dysfunction.

  • Kids aren’t lazy!

    We are forced to be locked in a building for most of our day and when we get home to relax, we have to do like 5 essays for homework! Finally once we’re done, ready to play on our Xbox/PS4 we have extracurricular activities such as basketball practice, music lessons, swimming class, etc. Finally, once we get home from that we eat dinner and sleep. Then, you realise that you forgot to do a homework assignment and wake up early to do it. I didn’t even mention chores. A day of an average kid’s life. Lazy, right?

    I think adults are the ones who are lazy. They get to do whatever they want to. They complain about work, but usually when I see them they’re on Facebook or reading the news. They make their kids do chores.

  • There is a thing called school for young people nowaday

    Time changes and so do we. There is new technology and of course, some kids stay home and play video games all day but for the most part, kids go to school then do homework and then sleep. Especially as you get older and start to focus on school more you don't have that much time to do that much more. Nowadays, society is pressuring us to do well in school so you can get a good job and earn a living, so of course, we try our hardest to do so. I am in year 9 at school and I do at least 12 hours of volleyball a week after school and on top of that, I do volunteer work. If I am not doing cocurricular activities I am doing my homework which is extremely hard to get done. I absolutely love volleyball but like a lot of people it takes up a lot of time, and it is the time we need to get our homework finished. So next year I am being forced by society to stop what I love doing so I can do well at school and get a job that pays well. Yes, I know that this isn't the same for everyone but it is my truth. So no we are not lazy. We just don't have the freedom you had 30 years ago.

  • We aren't lazy

    No, there are pockets of people that are chronically lazy, just like in any generation. There are things that seem lazy that are just us doing normal activities that every generation since the dawn of time have done in our own way. Why use a dictionary if you can just Google it online?

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