• Well at least I hope we are alone.

    If you were to run into alien life, it should follow some basic rules, but other than that they will be "completely different".

    Now all living things need energy. There is typically some sort of organism that is a grazer, bottom of the food chain, spends most of its time eating. Then there are going to be some creatures with some free time, they will prey on the organisms lower on the food chain since they would be a concentration of energy ready for use as well as nutrition. Since they are consuming concentrated food, they don't need to eat constantly. Now assuming natural selection is occurring, the creatures that take out their competition would be having more offspring. So by these rules intelligent extraterrestrial life would eat some sort of meat, and be competitive.

    Now what is funny is that humans are also intelligent creatures, we eat meat (well most of us), and are violently competitive. If we were going to run into intelligent extraterrestrial life, we would run into something possible more violent than ourselves. Since violence tends to be something that will exist no matter how advance humans get, it can easily assumed that alien life would be violent regardless of their intelligence level.

  • At our current and probable advances in technology We are Alone.

    While many believe that there must be some other form of intelligent life in the Universe there is a chance that we are the only life forms to have achieved sentience. Even if we weren't "alone," for all intents and purposes we are as we currently do not and may never have the appropriate technology to even get to another planet which could support life let alone one where intelligent life existed.

  • There is no life outside Earth.

    If there were life outside Earth we would have noticed by now and there would be no place for them to live. Aliens are just a science fiction creature used in movies and TV shows. These shows bring people to believe that these mythical creatures exist when they do not.

  • We are not alone.

    We have been visited by beings from another planet for thousands of years. For example we have the ancient site of Baalbek. Baalbek is a site that has many archeologists scratching their heads. The blocks of granite at that site are 2,000 tons. That's 2,000,000 pounds per block. How in the world did they make this? Man power cannot produce this weight. The only way this can be moved by man power is if 2,000,000 people carry the block. The block isn't that big which makes that impossible. How did they make this. Extraterrestrial technology.

  • WE Aren't Alone At All We just need to keep an eye out for more "civilized" people or creatures.

    There’s good news for people hoping that Earth is not the only inhabited world in the universe. A team of astronomers announced on January 6 that they have identified eight planets beyond our solar system. The scientists say three or four of those planets orbit in their stars’ “Goldilocks Zone”—the region where temperatures are not too hot and not too cold for water to exist in liquid form. Water is a necessary ingredient for life as we know it.

    The scientists, led by Dr. Guillermo Torres of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, made the discoveries using data collected by the planet-seeking Kepler telescope.

  • No, we are not alone.

    Why would Earth just happen to be the only planet in the entire universe to have life? Out of the trillions of planets out there, how can Earth be the only one that the process to start life occurred on? Even if sparking life on a planet were a low possibility, we have an uncountable amount of stars in our universe. Obviously some of them also have undergone the process to spark life on that planet, asteroid, or moon. Another thing- Most scientist think water is absolutely necessary for life to exist. This is true for Earth, but how do we know it is true for aliens? How do we know that Carbon and Water are the only materials in the universe that can create life? How do we know there's no alien material that doesn't need Water or Hydrogen to create a living thing?

  • No we are not

    Alone ha saying we are alone the only intelligent life form is like saying this website does not exist. Just think of all the sightings there are of them, area 51, all the people say they've been abducted by aliens, the government cover ups, the crash landings, need i say more?

  • There are xenos.

    The universe is a big place, so it stands to reason that there are filthy xenos running around that we need to exterminate before they eat up resources we should be getting. It's not that we're better than them or anything, they're just not us, and this is from humanity's perspective. Though we are probably better than them.

  • More planets, more species.

    Of course we're not alone, there are more planets and a huge universe out there and nothing else lives on any other planets except humans and animals? I believe we are not alone because we shouldn't be the only species out in the universe, living on ONE planet called Earth.

  • Nah. Universe's too big.

    Title says it all. Now we only need to fill the word count requirement.

    Let's see:
    God's false. Every one of them. There is simply no evidence of the existence of god. Check Hitchens's razor. It makes sense and you can't deny it's existence. You can't assert arguments without evidence.

  • No we are not alone.

    I would like to believe that we're alone but recent buzzfeed and news have gradual debunked the usual way of perceiving it. I'm still skeptical about it to an extent but in truth the seeds of doubt have been ingrained in my mind. I'd say it's better to believe that we're not alone.

    For now there's no point in worrying about E.T. Life. It's better to worry about yours on this planet and learning to live with it.

  • Time and distance is a huge factor

    I am going to base this off of our current technological capabilities. As far as we know, faster than light travel isn't possible. The furthest man-made object (voyager II) has taken 40-50 years to leave the bubble of our star's gravitational influence. Our nearest solar system neighbor being roughly 15,000 or light-years away. It will take the voyager over 100,000 years to get there. Our Radio footprint has been knowingly been around for about 100 years. That means our radio traffic is only roughly 100 light-years from earth, or 1/150 the distance to our "neighbor". We all have some sort of understanding of how large the Universe is, but we often overlook how much space is between everything. Our most powerful telescopes can't even see what was left behind on the moon from the landings, let alone extraterrestrial life on a planet 30,000 light-years away. I say extraterrestrial because life comes many shapes and sizes, as our own planetary records show. The reason we look for planets in the "goldielocks zone" is because we are living proof that life can thrive within these environments, even though life can live in extremes that we couldn't survive in for a few seconds, those are organisms are few and far between. Now back to the first point I made. As far as we know, faster than light travel is impossible. So without this capability, and if other intelligent life lives by the same cosmic laws that we do or haven't, everything is stuck to their home solar system. The only caveat to that being they have found a way of interstellar travel on a self-sustaining spacecraft or space station for many hundreds of thousands of years, but from my stand point on that is it would be a logistical nightmare.

  • Statistically one of many.

    The size of the universe is beyond our imagination. Plus it's constantly growing. There are hundreds of billions of galaxies, each one containing any number of solar systems. Statistically there has to be other forms of life, intelligent or not. The real issue is whether we will ever know or meet any of them. The nearest galaxy similar to ours in size is some 16,000 light years away. That's 16,000 years at travelling 5.88 trillion miles each year! However, we haven't even worked out how to travel at the speed of light yet! Any life that can travel to earth will be much more advanced.

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