• Safety Is In The Eye of the Beholder

    While any of us can be injured or attacked at any time, we are all a bit more skeptical now since 9/11. It is beyond imagination that another plane could be hijacked without the passengers revolting like the brave heroes of United 93. That by itself, makes me feel safer, knowing that I would never let the terroists win without a fight.

  • Communication is key

    It is a well known fact that 9/11 happened because of the lack of communication between departments, and between lower level individuals and the higher ups in those departments (FBI, CIA ect.). With the stream lining of terrorist information, and no longer the arrogance that we are invulnerable at home, every threat is analyzed and not ignored. Homeland security was made to sort and collect all the information from each department for this very reason, to make sure information wasn't buried in between departments.
    Yes fear has made certain laws be passed that have restricted regular citizens, however we were all there when it happen and were too afraid of the outside world to care at the time. Just like the red scare were virtually all American rights were suppressed and we lived in a totalitarian country out of fear of others, time will sooth fear and freedoms will be fought back. We are just as responsible for the fear that took certain rights as the elected officials.

  • Didn't see it coming?

    If the whitehouse, president, govt. Etc did not see the planes coming towards the pentagon and didn't know how to stop "muslims with boxcutters," then how can we prepare for a bomb threat?

    For conspiracy theorists, if it was the govt. Who influenced or participated or created 9/11, then def. No if they are against their own country.

  • We are no longer safe

    Terrorist attacks have been around for quite sometime, and committed for many different reasons; whether this is extortion or for religious beliefs. 9/11 is the world's most devastating terrorist attack that killed almost 3000 people. The terrorists involved never imagined they would take the amount of lives they did, and there will be many more who try and follow in their footsteps; they see this as an achievement and will try anything to go down in history. Security in places like airports have improved, but terrorist attacks can happen anywhere and carried out in many different methods; bombings, hijacking, massacres.

    The point I am trying to get across is that terrorists have many options on how to attack and will attack as 9/11 made it a lot more popular.

  • No safer than pre 9/11

    I don't see how anyone can argue this point. We are no safer today than we were on 9/11. If anything this world has gotten worse. Granted the actions have varied greatly but terrorism on US soil still exists. There have been ricen laced letters, small acts of terrorism and while not on American soil, acts of terror have been handed down to Americans in other countries.

  • No Safer and Less Free

    Our borders are just as porous now as on 9/10/2001. Anyone can sneak in by air, water or foot. Citizens have lost freedom to the no fly list and NSA monitoring. Terrorists and illegals have been largely unaffected. We gave up so much of our freedom and got nothing in return.

  • Not safer since 9/11

    No I do not think that we are safer since 9/11. The airports security may be safer but us as a nation and country are definitely no safer. There are many different ways that we can be attacked by an enemy country 9/11 proves that nobody is safe from terrorists.

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