• Yes, our society is disrupting nature.

    Yes, our society is disrupting nature. I believe that our consumerist society promotes the overuse of the earth's natural resources. This overuse disrupts nature's natural rhythms and alters the overall environment. Our society has caused the extinction of countless species of plants and animals, and has changed the face of the planet.

  • We only care about ourselves.

    Today's society is very selfish. Most people only care about what they need and want. In addition, they are not concerned with how their actions and decisions harm nature. This is one of the reasons we are dealing with high levels of pollution, contaminated water, global warming and other terrible issues.

  • We are raping the land.

    Everywhere you go you see construction projects raping the land and interrupting the natural ecosystems of the animals who live there. With that being said don't be surprised when you see a wild animal stumble upon your property because they were there before you. Nature was meant to be left alone and she will remind you of that every day.

  • No, we are not disrupting nature. We are a part of nature.

    I take issue more with the wording of this question than the general idea behind it. To say we are disrupting nature suggests we are outside of nature or not a part of it, when I believe we are. We have naturally evolved to the top of the food chain and that's fine, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be respectful of all the other aspects of nature and the health of our home - Planet Earth.

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