Are we as Americans slowly allowing other countries to take us over all because were trying to be politically correct?

Asked by: Quianna
  • Is America changing for the worst

    It makes me mad seeing the way Americans change things just to be politically correct. When I grew up we said the pledge of allegence in school, it was a CUSTOM that we all abided by. Its the same thing as going to japan and bowing to a teacher. There not gonna stop all the other students from bowing because my religon or my morals say I cant bow. So how is it any diffrent.

  • We are a country of Immigrants.

    This country was made by immigrants. Saying that more immigrants are destroying " American " Culture is pathetic.

    Why do some people have such intolerance.

    Hell, other countries slowly taking over us? The hell you mean by that? The US with its budget exceeding 600 BILLION dollars we have military bases on every corner of the planet.

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