Are we becoming 'Alone, Together' by our technological advancements'?

  • Technology Has Changed Social Interaction

    Technological advancements have changed the way that people interact, and the internet has created the biggest change. Now one can communicate with anyone in the world from just about anywhere without ever meeting that person or even leaving home. The ability to communicate instantly and easily with anyone is the togetherness, but the fact that it is done by being solitary on the computer is the aloneness in the statement "Alone, Together."

  • Yes, technology and it's impact on socialization.

    Yes, technology is causing us to become alone, together. The more sophisticated technology becomes, and the more resources available online to socialize, the more time individuals are spending time alone in their homes or other secluded places to express themselves, rather than exploring the outside world and communicating face to face with other people. Therefore, we are still connected, by the web, so therefore, together, and yet, physically alone in our own confined space.

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Shubhu says2013-06-14T05:29:45.337
With the passing of the centuries the science is offering us lots of technologies as there are many things which keep us together and inspire to live our life very happily.Now a days the people who don't have friends can also make it by using different social sites like facebook,orkut etc.