Are we becoming more apathetic to human suffering?

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  • Humans are desensitized to the suffering of other humans.

    Humans are becoming more and more used to the fact that other humans are suffering. News is broadcast throughout the world while we are in a public space and many images regarding what is going on in other countries appear. These images are disgusting and rather gruesome. But only once in awhile a person will glance up at the television screen. None with feel sympathy for the men and women dying. None will be affected by what is happening on that screen.

  • All we do is rush.

    Especially in the 21st century, we just don't have the time anymore to care anymore because we are too busy with being productive and economic due to technological advancements and the virtual electronic world. People used to care more and it is true that in this century people are forgetting the meaning of empathy.

  • Yes, but it's only natural

    With people today being much more aware of problems in other parts of the world, we have become desensitized. It's like if you watch a horror movie multiple times-thr shocking parts shock you less each time you watch it, until you can watch it without flinching. There is so much suffering in the world that if you were not desensitized you would go insane trying to comprehend it.

  • Today's world have little to respect for humans or animals for that matter

    Yes. The things that many people believe should have made life easier, made the world harder to live in. There is little to no respect for the elderly, some would just rather put them in homes and wait for them to die. The murder rate is not even discussed because it has just become a part of life; there a television shows that highlight these instances.

  • Yes, we are

    Technology makes people into spoiled brats, the media encourages rude and inconsiderate behavior, politics is a constant let-down of broken promises, the US cares more about oversea wars than it does it's own people, the news channels spew hatred, comedians use shock value instead of intellect, and everyone is a sheep that adapts and conforms to this behavior. This country is going to hell.

  • Yes, because everything is at our fingertips.

    We no longer need to develop patience or a sense of hard work. We no longer need to put effort into entertaining ourselves. These days people expect to be entertained and have everything handed to them on a silver platter. This has created an apathetic society where people have less energy. All the junk food and poor chemicals that we eat are also encouraging apathy.

  • Yes, we are becoming more apathetic to human suffering.

    I see more children disrespecting the elderly. They don't lend a helping hand. They don't visit them when they are ill or sad. I don't see people helping one another when a family member is ill. It's like we are in a hard case and shut ourselves out from the pain and suffering of others.

  • Yes and it's a shame.

    We are all on this planet together and we need to learn sympathy and empathy, but with a 11-year war still going on and daily information and over information and everyone worrying about their own insignificant problems, it all becomes background noise after a while. On top of that we are deluged with gore and horror from movies and shooter games.

  • Humanity has always been massively apathetic

    Looking from the outside, I'd say yes humanity in general looks more apathetic to human suffering. Well most of humanity records have been lost of the millenniums we have been on this earth. Humans have always been community oriented. Humans never cared about the suffering of others, as long as it wasn't in their community. You can even break it down to family oriented. It is just that technology has made it appear so. Instead of months, news spreads in seconds.

    Just go back to the early 1800's. Massacres where still common, slavery was common, lynching and wars happened (just to name a few things). And most people where like ehh doesn't affect me.

  • When we see human suffering, we are as apathetic as ever.

    In the communications era, we are surprisingly segregated from the more gruesome pictures. We avoid them, because having them constantly in our face is meaningless and over stimulating. We are, and have always been, a little too evasive of them. Racists were ignorant of the truths before their eyes before the TV existed. With the ready pool of information, activists expect a much different response than what we give. This results in people thinking we are more apathetic.

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