Are we becoming too sensitive to other's feelings?

Asked by: Adam2
  • People are too touchy

    People act like every thought or feeling they have HAS GOT TO BE acknowledged. No, it doesn't. I understand respect for those who earn it. I understand having cooth. But I do not believe that I should have to watch everything I say for fear of hurting someones feelings. Grow up already!

  • I agree completely

    All the people I know who are in advanced placement classes and the honor roll have had parents who critize mistakes. I believe this initiates some form of drive to success or fear of faliure ( in my case both ) and the ones that have what they call "fun" parents are complete idiots who plan on sitting at home and collecting unemployment for the rest of thier life ( tough luck when my generation comes to power and changes the welfare system) .

  • In many cases criticism can be tough love.

    I think we're coddling our next generation and we're really producing losers. Without discipline, how can we except our next generation to do good. We need to criticize when fit. Now there's a line between maligning someone and harshly criticizing them. I think of criticism more like a parent scolding you to get you to do better.
    These people today who say, "Scolding kids does no good," are so full of it. We're so about feelings now. No, criticism is a form of tough love

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