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Posted by: TheInterlang

Yes we are.

  Diversity should favor good traits specifically, yet we humans have trumped natural selection and are tolerating bad traits as well. In the past, it was survival of the fittest, and though that sounds harsh, it is actually good. Thanks (not) to the newest "equality" propaganda, we have allowed unfit people to survive as well as fit, and you wonder why the earth is overpopulated with poor people. The newest anti-"discrimination" movement is for things like Down's syndrome, low-function Autism, physical deformities, not being able to walk, type-1 diabetes, etc. It costs the world too much to keep these people alive, and since it is now a "good" thing, people with these diseases are having children and passing the diseases on. Humans are the ONLY species in the world that tolerates differences. Every other one stigmatizes the different. It is not natural and bad for society to tolerate differences to this degree.
JRM says2013-09-14T04:10:05.507
What an inconsiderate, egotistic, evil spirited thing to say! Grow up! This world does not belong to you!
donald.keller says2013-09-14T04:42:21.357
TheInterlang. I would rather dye a species that cared, than succeed as a species that didn't.. Besides, you grossly exaggerate the negative effects of disabled people.
Skeptikitten says2013-09-15T01:48:05.167
Interesting that so-called "social Darwinists" misunderstand evolution so severely.

Take sickle cell anemia, for example. Sickle cell is a serious condition. Yet it survives in the African population in good numbers for a reason- a person with sickle cell cannot get malaria, a far more serious condition. Evolutionarily speaking, you can't know what sort of traits are actually providing an advantage in the environment, or will if the environment changes.
Shadowguynick says2013-09-15T05:37:25.447
Also even if people agreed with you, there is a far more humane approach to the situation. If someone carries a disease that will be passed onto their children just keep the person from reproducing. I do not agree with this either, but it is a far more humane thing to do.
Odinochestva says2013-09-18T21:42:18.207
So by your logic, if you were to develop AIDS, we should just let you die? Forgive me if I appear biased for my thoughts; for my brother is a type one diabetic, but your frame of thinking seems highly antiquated and narrow. "Survival of the fittest" hardly exists in the capacity which it did in more simple times. We humans are indeed unlike any other species for our compassion, however we are also the only species existing with the comforts and security which have been made available by modern development. For the majority of this country, survival is dependant on the ability to make money and use it to purchase; rather than personally obtain, food, shelter, etc. I am sure that there are those with disabilities who can provide for themselves in this regard just fine, especially those who have treatable conditions.

If you had a treatable disease such as type one diabetes, would you expect to be left to your own devices? If your child was born with down-syndrome, would you throw them to the streets to test their ability to survive. Think about those ways you mentioned we are different from other species on this planet, and then answer that question.
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