• In a sense

    I'm not sure what society you're talking about specifically, but in my society, the United States, I think we've been being brainwashed for a long time, and still are. We've just never been encouraged to think critically about things. We're always told/taught what to think, rather than how to think, which I consider tantamount to brainwashing.

    We're encouraged in schools to stand in reverence and pledge allegiance to the flag before we're even taught why we owe our allegiance to it in the first place. We're told by every president that the United States is "exceptional", without any mention of what it is that we excel at. We're taught early on in our schooling that certain drugs are bad (marijuana, LSD, psylosybin, etc.) but are not told why they are bad, and nary a word is said of the harms of socially acceptable drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, oxycotin, or even pharmaceutical drugs that are often used in excess for recreational purposes, like children's cough syrup. Even in the media, we're often presented with a biased view of events, and they are often put through an ideological filter, and rather than presenting only facts the opinions of the reporter are reported along with it.

    I recognize that the above may sound dramatic because I'm calling it "brainwashing", but I concede that it is fairly mild brainwashing compared to what has gone on in the past or what still goes on in other parts of the world. But it's simply a fact that there is still some brainwashing that goes on in modern Western society, and it continues unchecked because we are all accustomed to it and it is so deeply fixed into our society that we never even notice it. But the fact that we do and believe things based on social conditioning rather than critical thought is a positive indication of brainwashing that still takes place in society.

  • It's Mass Psychosis

    It's called Mass Psychosis and it's not only real, But it's intentional. I think we're coming to a point now where you either see the completely obvious lies and bullshit coming out of their mouths, And start to question everything you've been told; orif you don't your brainwashed. Any self aware human being would never seriously believe the government and pharmaceutical companies have our best interests in mind right now, There's zero evidence to suggest so

  • No doubt about it

    People are definitely brainwashed. This virus is proof of that. Everybody young or old think there gonna die from a cold. All thanks to the media which causes the hysteria. Believe big God your brainwashed. All evidence proves there is no God. Read the Bible I can rip genisus to shreds. We all come from Adam and Eve explain the races. Add up the ages in the Bible the world is 6000 years old going on 7000. Fact dinosaurs were around hundreds of millions of years ago. People believe what is shoved down there throat. No body thinks for thereselves. They automatically believe what the government tells them is the absolute truth. If some moron tv anchor tells them something it has to be true. Religious leaders know this. Remember when rock and roll was the devil's work now all religious leaders embrace rock and roll. It's actually pretty pathetic humanity needs to have there hand held and can't figure things out for themselves. Is society brainwashed? Yes

  • All Political Brainwashing everywhere

    You will see that when you go to a country they might make you believe that another country has a bad leader, Terrorist army etc. But when you go to that country they will tell you that the other country is very bad and is full of liars. This is all brainwashing and it mostly happens through the media. News are usually full of opinions rather actually proven clarified and double checked facts.

  • Controlled information vulnerability

    Brainwashing is a polite term for controlling the pattern of thinking with someone, Or an entire group of people. The most common inception to alter the perception in a system of a belief is like the subliminal messaging in the old movie theaters in which a rapid bypass to conscious observation to purchase popcorn resulted in the masses going to the counter to buy it. Society has come a long way in refining these techniques as a means to have people to spend money that is based upon the control over a perceived want or need through repetitive advertising that serves to bolster the conscious memory of a commercial, Usually on the television, That someone identifies as a desirable purchase of products. Propaganda is similar to subliminal programming to a particular ideology, But is different by constricting the information that people have in order to make an informed decision. Such forces people to make an educated guess at the proper system of a belief that can lead to the acceptance of guesses that are suggested as fact that culminates in a respect for someone that has access to information in an objective format. This becomes a hierarchy of authority to differentiate reality from a belief at the predilection of the source of information disclosure. Hence, A vulnerability to controlled information in which the truth cannot be discerned as presented. This is similar to the subliminal programming of the masses buying AK47's instead of popcorn. The complexity of brainwashing in modern society is now computer generated. Computers do not need sleep, Time to think, And to learn about an ever increasing complexity in the interpretation of information. The human element is that it was the mind that created technology, And not technology that created the mind. The element of the intelligent design of the universe is greater than these technologies, And with enough information to work from people can change their perception as to how they become vulnerable. This allows someone to decide when they eat popcorn of their own volition, And not AK47 assault rifles. The people that developed the television were smart, But the person that developed the mute switch was a genius.

  • The Truth is nearly unattainable, Nowadays.

    The censorship of alternative opinions or ideas limits people from what they can see when they search online. All the major corporations such as Google and Facebook do this. For example, People are not even allowed to be sceptical of climate change anymore, A narrative that has just been pushed and pushed in the media. If you search it up anywhere, Likely every single opinion will be supporting the narrative that climate change is destroying our planet. Yet, You'd be surprised how many people actually have questioned this, And rightly so. I'm not saying I don't believe in it (besides, I'm just using this as an example), But a narrative that is pushed just a bit too far should be questioned. No one wants us to be critical anymore; you can go to jail for saying there are only two genders! I'm not even writing this from a conservative perspective-- any opinion that does not comply with what the elites want, Are banned. We are being oppressed, Right now. Never before had the truth been so with held. And to think that the internet and technology is supposed to free us. No, It enslaves us. The government is keeping tabs on you, Right now. Google tracks you, And all your activity. There's no such thing as privacy anymore. George Orwell had guessed it correctly. The society he had described in '1984' was the one that we live in now. Edward Snowden is also a remarkable hero that unveils the lies of today, And Mr Robot is a great series that reflects on our society, Truly. Just a few recommendations. Remember, Critical thinkers, Don't trust so easily. We are not alone but nor are we safe. I'm not crazy, I promise. If you have never considered this before reading, Look at some articles on the news. Pick apart the lies. Stay safe, Stay strong. As apocalyptic as this piece may sound, This is at the very least the direction we are heading in.

  • Society wants humans to think a certain way as people in power are corrupt satanic individuals.

    Read David Icke's 'The Trigger'. People never think for themselves as we're evolving however in a very lazy direction. The media is all that speaks for us as well as backward people in power. The government is to blame as they always lie and keep secrets from humans. Examples of this include the American government lying about war and conflict (9/11 and Pearl harbour}. People in power are the work of the devil as most of them are paedophiles and hypocrites. The majority of those in government or have power or substantial amounts of money are inhumane bigots with to much influence on the human population.

  • I have lived in Europe, And I have lived in the USA

    At the age of 50 I moved to the USA, And was immediately aware of the propaganda which pervades all USA life. The children at school pledge allegiance to the flag every day. Sure one sincere pledge is enough. Our children at school were taught to the curriculum to pass the test at the end of the year. Whereas in Britain they are given time to discuss the theory, Do experiments and discover what works and what doesn't. In elementary school the teaching of science only included chalk and talk with the pupils having to learn the process of a scientific experiment (theorem, Design of an experiment with controls etc. ), They never did any experiments. In the UK they built model shelters then dropped books on them to discover what worked. American children are not taught to question adults or the adult world, This attitude extends throughout adulthood. In Europe people question their government, Publicly, In Pubs or general discussion. We found that USA citizens very reluctant to discuss their political system, As though it was unpatriotic to do so. In the UK the general population never salutes their flag, It's not that they are not proud of their country, Its just they have the confidence that they don't have the constant need to reassure themselves.

  • They target our subconscious mind

    Overtime we see many things repetitively, Without even thinking about it we start to expect that to be the way. Marriage for example, Most people expect that to happen at some point in there lives, Some even think that's the point of life itself. There are many more things in this world that I believe brainwash us. Repetition is the key. To unbrainwash you need to be aware of your unconscious behavior and habits. Things you do without thinking and things you believe are right, Question them. Try to make arguments like someone is questioning what you believe in. Male an argument against yourself.

  • Society has been brainwashed since any fat cats have been in charge.

    There has always been forms of brainwashing and fabrication but it's coming to a point where people just aren't living as their true selves. Everyone is distracted with garbage news, Fads, Products how they look and need to be told by a computer or application that they are good looking interesting people. They want to dull society down, They want you to be logged in 24 7 tracking everybody's moves. I've recently gave up Facebook though I still have active art page I do not use it for personal use anymore and may end up deleting my page altogether. It is an addition of the masses a distraction, Having us live in a fake world and graving gratification from the internet. It is shocking when you come away from these things and realize how much they influence everything you do an take from your real enjoyment and experience of life. It's sad that humanity has come to this when we have such a beautiful planet to enjoy. There are many who know all this and it seems more and more people are wakening up to the BS but to many are scared to even think about questioning the reality they are shown. People still run home from work to switch on TV and watch characters act out a day in work. It's ridiculous the system is ridiculous but at least we can make progress, The sooner people stop listening the better stop giving the wrong things attention. Turn off social media and live and connect in the real world, Show others they can do it to.

  • It depends on how you are defining brainwashing.

    It depends on how you are defining brainwashing.

    This is from Merrian-Webster.

    Definition of BRAINWASHING

    1. a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas

    2. persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship

    Is cultural imprinting really any different than forcible indoctrination?

    Cultural imprinting is the process whereby almost everyone in a particular culture acquires the customs and beliefs of the majority in that culture, especially those born into that culture.

    Is cultural imprinting the same as brainwashing as defined as forcible indoctrination?

    I guess that depends on your perspective. Children usually have no choice to reject the beliefs of their culture as children. Most will keep those beliefs even as adults.

    This is why it will take a very long time, if ever, to eliminate religious beliefs that are all based on superstitious dogma.

    Unless all people learn to question the validity of their beliefs, they will be victims of cultural imprinting or cultural brainwashing.

  • Secularism doesn't have room for brainwashing

    Because it's required to change it's position on finding new facts. Unlike religions who refuse to challenge their own ideas 'because holy book/person said so'. Brainwashing happens when you refuse to accept outside information as true, even if it has been proved to be. My European/Western society doesn't do that, theocracies do. Yes there are still some problems in the West, but I wouldn't call it brainwashing .

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